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  1. thanks I have few of those left, bring my own creamer.......just nice to have that cup of coffee when one wakes up w/o having to go get it.
  2. how much does it cost to use if free what kind of coffee pads, kcup is it like to bring some myself.
  3. yes that was the place could not recall the name thanks...... you answered my question daughter will be happy(-:
  4. 2 yrs ago I was on Adventure we got hot chocolate coffee at the pizza place (think it was sorrentos?) for free, does FOS offer this
  5. 340 Freedom of the Seas. Cant wait to see the new look daughter already excited bout the waterslides.
  6. so would it be better not to link?
  7. sorry if this has been asked I looked but did not see.....I have the drinks on us as do my parents my 9 y/o has th child version. My question is if I want to upgrade my package do my parents? they are in different cabin, I will be linking our reservations so we can sit at the same table in MDR....
  8. anyone know if the 6 GB is per device or shared? if Shared is it enough for 7 day cruise,, mainly need it to post to FB, check mail (no video sreaming) maybe play a game or two at night....
  9. Anyone know where on their site they show the times...i.e an excursion starts 9-2....Other cruiselines they show the time MSC I dont see it......like to plan ahead yes I know it shows duration like 3, 4, hrs and one can try to figure, there only 1 excursion that is 6 hrs so that be the day trip that is fine but if they have ones that are 2-3 hrs like to know if am or pm,,,,
  10. we are currently booked in cabins 14079/81 wondering how cabin layout is ie, where is the bed? is it by balcony door or is the couch there. Now we have chance for connecting rooms 14105/09 or 14083/85 anyone BEEN in those rooms mentioned above..thanks
  11. ok I have read many post one saying only the cruise card works others saying any card works, questions I have for someone who actually been on SEASIDE I don't care about other MSC ships (they may differ) 1) can you use any card? 2) if the card is not in the slot does it turn off the outlets and 3) can you go to get another card to keep in the slot while we are out (yes I know if we want the room made to hit the button ) Thanks
  12. catspaws65


    I got their so called drinks on us as part of the cruise, 2 questions maybe 3 LOL I don't drink much but do like mixed drink sometimes. Is it worth upgrading if so how much and which one ? (MSC website down) and how often can I go back for a drink time limit? say every 10 minutes ??? I have a minor so I know she won't need to upgrade... Thanks
  13. I wake up early (I do have the fantasica experieince) but sometimes wake up before 6am, where can I go to get coffee? Is it available at the buffets? Also have the drink package that (drinks on us they offered ) Thanks Caroline
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