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  1. Does anyone know if you go into a jr suite with the royal up program do you get 4times the points
  2. We have been on a few Halloween cruises and really enjoy them. We are looking at the oasis this year out of nj for October 24th. It returns the 31st . Then it relocates back down the Florida so sailing the 31st is not a option. So my question is does anyone know on a cruise like that do they celebrate Halloween?
  3. We will be there on May 27th. Someone came on our fb group and said there will be 2 other ships that day. He even had a travel agent pic saying the same thing.
  4. Simple question. How many ships can Coco Cay handle at once . We are going to the island in may on the Oasis and we thought we had to island to ourself . Now if you research there 3 ships going to be there that day. I didn't think they can do 3 ships at once. Please tell me i am wrong lol
  5. What if your spouse doesn't drink nor drink coffee. Will they make any other exceptions to the drink package rule.
  6. Yes the price is the same. But wouldn't a perk like prepaid tips be a 200$ perk
  7. Its been a few years since I have cruised with Carnival. I wanna give the line another try and while looking up cruises I have noticed that certain agents are now offering better perk to book Carnival.. I remember in the past they really have not offered much but now I am seeing prepaid tips which is a very nice perk.... So I guess my question is is this something new that Carnival is allowing?
  8. Well thank you for the meaningful and helpful response to my topic.
  9. Does anyone know how to find out the entertainment on the Anthem . The last time we sailed on her it was posted in our roll call who the comedian and the tribute band was. I have know idea how they found out and I even went as far as calling earlier in the week but they didn't seem like they were interested in helping. Any help would be appreciated and we are leaving september 7 .
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