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  1. I got the same email but for the Symphony sailing on 10/26. I was going to arrive at 10 but now I don't know what to do.
  2. If you had the deluxe drink package you could have told the bartender how to make your drink and what liquors to put in it and how much. I love Bloody Mary's so I will tell them extra spicy and extra Titos. They will accommodate.
  3. I purchased RCL insurance and didn't read it until after I purchased. I then realized that they only cover 25000 evacuation insurance and evacuation was my biggest concern, so I ended up buying another policy for evacuation only. There is no way you can be medivac out of any country for 25,000. Depending on what's wrong it can start anywhere from 100,000 on up. Didn't want to be in massive debt from a vacation so i purchased additional.
  4. I just purchased a policy from them 64.00 for 2. My concern was emergency evacuation insurance. If there is an serious injury or illness I want to be flown back to the US.
  5. I have that issue when they are doing an update. I have to wait a few hours then try again.
  6. We just got off of the Navigator of the Seas in July and it was terribly crowded. There wee no pool chairs available. The line for El Loco Fresh was at least 25 people deep.. My time dining was ridiculous. The wait was at least 30 minutes. I Have been on the Allure also and it never felt crowded.
  7. My cruise planner has it for 51.00 today
  8. I think there is some kind of secret formula because i got my drink package for the Symphony of the Sea sailing 10/26 for 46.00 p/p. I have not seen it that low again.
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