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  1. We are thinking of spending a few hundred dollars more to book the Norwegian Epic out of San Juan. We would need 2 rooms for our family of 5 with 3 teens (16, 17 & 18). If we choose sail away, are we likely to get rooms on the same floor? We are just looking into options as we saw one company offering cash back so might be very similar price to pick our own rooms. (We've only been on one cruise so we don't know a lot about finding deals. We are happy to cruise with things that are included)
  2. Are the discounts for returning cruisers that good? I'm wondering if my husband and I should be booking a smaller cruise before booking a bigger cruise with the 3 kids so we can get a returnee discount. Our choices for rooms, cruises are limited when the oldest of the teens is 18 and school vacations are pricey. We were going to take a cruise and decided to spend the money just doing a vacation.
  3. Can I call the cruise company and deal with a different person? if the one I was dealing with is now off for the day? At least to put holds until later today or tomorrow morning?
  4. Do they do anything with price drops? or does it depend on the fare and/or discounts? When I asked the fellow said no,
  5. Wow I didn't know a booking could be switched over.
  6. Leaning towards booking Royal Carribbean and wondering if there is any advantage to booking direct? I guess there was some extra discount on the weekend because it was 500ish cheaper and I didn't realize we could cancel within 24 hours while we looked for flights. At any rate an agency is willing to discount 225 or 300 for different rooms. Sorry cruise ship booking is mind boggling for me and we have only done one before
  7. Just wondering if there is much for teens to do on the Fascination. Also are the Oceanview rooms the same size as inside except with a window? Saw the room for 5 on the boards and am not impressed which may help with our decision
  8. Thanks and yes I found that Carnival and Norwegian are the only cruise ships where rooms for 5 can be booked online. RCL and Celebrity do have rooms for 5 but they only have online booking for rooms up to 4 people.
  9. Can rooms for 5 be booked through Costco? Or do we need to individually call each cruise company? I found a couple that have their rooms of 5 online, but others don't seem to book anything past 4 online which seems very discriminatory. (I'm deaf so phone is not easy)
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