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  1. On the breeze at Thanksgiving we were 6 we waited 1hr and 15 mins on the first elegant night we went at 6:45. It was crazy it took over 30 mins to stand in line just to get pager the line was all the way to the theater entrance
  2. I honestly don't remember, but when you visit the mangrove, national park and then go to natural pool to see the starfish, its all on the boat, the only times you are not on the boat is at the beach and then when you go to the natural pool (sandbank), you get off the boat and get in the water
  3. So far, I don't think they have announced anything new as far as eating that will be included in the cruise fare. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  4. I wrote to John H, asked him if there will be a Deli and a Shaq's Chicken place, he said yes to the Deli and No to the chicken place. John Heald She will have a deli and but no chicken restaurant at the moment. But we have more to tell you 🙂 cheers and stay tuned 🙂
  5. We are going this May same Itinerary same ship. For La Romana, I have been there before and we did a private tour through Seavis Tours, it was called the Saona Special. It was so much fun. You take a boat that takes you to a couple famous stops one is the national park and the other I believe was the mangroves, and they give you some history on those, then they take you to the beach, where there is snorkling included if you want and a really good lunch, there were loungers there and drinks included. Then back on the boat to the "natural pool" which is a sandbank so beautiful you jump in the water and there are starfish everywhere you get to take pics, and they serve drinks from the little boat while you are in the water, if I remember correctly they also served rum cake. It really was alot of fun.
  6. I am looking through the dining options on the Mardi Gras on Carnival's website, looks like everything is listed except the Deli, I hope they don't remove it 😞 https://www.carnival.com/cruise-food/?shipCode=MD
  7. I go on the grand celebration all the time. 10 mins away from where I live here in palm beach, fl. they do 2 day cruises to freeport, nice weekend getaway without taking time off work
  8. Thank you so much Chris I do really appreciate this, so nice of you. I sent you an email. Thank you
  9. I always miss the blankets, they gave them away two times, once they were grey and once they were blue, and we seem to cruise in between them or after them now I am going in May and the blue ones will end this month. I would of loved to have one of those
  10. Does anyone know during the renovation, if the cabins will get renovated with new colors?, the ones on there right now are ...... well plain ugly
  11. Thank you, Yes I was planning on doing my own tour with an outside tour company, not with Carnival, but I have read on here where people who have cruised with Carnival and checked support and Carnival would argue and had them change it to people to people, but never actually had them book an excursion with them. So what I was originally saying is if it comes to that I will mark people to people to make Carnival happy and still take my tour with whomever I want, and hope that it works since havanacar, has that statement listed above on their website regarding support
  12. We are going to Cuba for our first time, I have been doing some research, From what I have read, on the affidavit you can answer support the Cuban people and if Carnival gives you a hard time change it to people to people, and it won’t make a difference, We are thinking of going with havanacar.net and their website says “We are OFAC compliant for providing US Citizens private tours and transfers all around Cuba Under the "Support to Cuban People" Visa Program.” So we are going to check the Support and see if that would be ok. I have a couple questions, where do you get a map of Havana, if we want to walk around after the tour and at night? Is it safe to walk around at night to go and have a few drinks? I have read many people say that you have to make reservations for many dining places that were suggested. How do you do that? Do you call from the USA? Is it expensive to call Cuba?, I don’t see online reservation options on the ones I looked at. Thanks for your help
  13. So excited, I went to 2 of his restaurants in New Orleans.
  14. So strange, LOL now mine looks like this, I don't like it
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