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  1. I just got off the Breeze, for the thanksgiving cruise and they were really strict, They would not let me get a water with an alcoholic drink, even though I told them that I could on other ships they made me wait 5 mins all the time no matter what bar I went to. Doesn't make sense to me since non alcoholic drinks are unlimited,
  2. lele100

    Discounts on Shore Excursions

    Ok cool, yes I do have that card, my cruise is in May, it is not payed in full is that ok?
  3. As anyone heard of anyway to get a discount on shore excursions? I thought I remember reading if you use a specific credit card you get a discount? thanks
  4. lele100

    Irie Tours in Curaçao...Carnival Horizon Next April

    same here tried contacting them no response wonder why? this always makes me nervous
  5. lele100

    Just off Carnival Breeze 11/24 to 12/1

    I was on the breeze the week before you, we got off on the 24th. It was a mess, so disorganized. Did you guys actually end up with Donkey as cruise director? We were supposed to have him, but he did not show up something about his Visa was not approved yet. So we ended up with Kendall Fire, she was a cruise director in training.
  6. We are looking for suggestions for a tour that offers some sort of open bus tour with music playing and maybe a beach stop with food and drinks included any such tour exist in Curaçao?
  7. lele100

    Spa Balcony

    can you give me some ideas of what those spa privileges are? thank you, yes it is 2 of us and both over 18 (unfortunately) way over
  8. lele100

    Spa Balcony

    Can you tell me what amenities I get with a Balcony Spa room on the Horizon? I know about the special lotions etc in the cabin, robe, slippers, and discount for spa services? anyone know how much the discount is? Also, thermal rooms, what are those?, and what other part of the spa can we use? thank you
  9. Hi I am booking through a third party (interval international) any way my up coming cruise that I will book with them, will mark my 25th cruise, do you think I still will get my 25th cruise card, even though it was not booked directly with Carnival? Also if I decide not to use my 1 time discount on this cruise, can I use it on another cruise later on? and still get my card on this cruise? Thanks
  10. lele100

    Pressing a suit

    Thank you
  11. lele100

    Pressing a suit

    Does anyone know if Carnival presses a men's suit, if so how much do they charge? Thank you
  12. lele100

    Carnival Mastercard, onboard credit

    Yes, I saw that, however I purchased $200, so it cost me 20,000 points and it equalled out to the same as purchasing 2 $100 gift cards
  13. lele100

    Cigarette prices

    I was wondering how much a carton of cigarettes are now going for in St Thomas. Thanks
  14. lele100

    Carnival Mastercard, onboard credit

    Thank you my cruise is Saturday nothing yet and I redeemed it 3 weeks ago
  15. I just redeemed on board credit from my carnival mastercard, does it display anywhere on my documents or on my cruise manager page? Thanks