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    Wedding favors

    Maple syrup, personalized chocolates, cocktail, mint etc.
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    Organized Cabin Tips/Hacks

    I am a kind of women who doesn't like to go messy. I felt like the most difficult thing to pack and organize is the shower products. It is pretty difficult to organize it. I use toiletry bags for packing the accessories. It helps to keep the things organized. The toiletry bag has a hook that can be hung in the bathroom. It will help in adding space to your bathroom. Likewise, there are many bath and shower accessories available in the market which will help in organizing the bathroom. I take shower pocket organizer and wave toilet caddies wherever I go. They are easy to carry and can keep the shower products in it without any mess.
  3. Cruising was my dream. And now we are planning to cruise to New york. Since this is our first cruising, I was little concerned about the safety matters. When I searched about the traveling safety and legal matters, I found an article regarding that https://campisilaw.ca/blog/things-to-consider-when-you-have-been-injured-in-an-accident-while-travelling/. What can we do as a preventive measure if something like that happened there. I don't like to get into any chaos. If I have taken travel insurance, will they take care of such matters?
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    Hi guys

    Hi guys, New cruiser here. This is my first cruising to New York, 16 days trip.