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  1. Definitely no rhyme of reason. Was able to book Horizon FTTF for 11/20 but not the Breeze yet for 4/20. I do check multiple times a day (I have no life), I really think it will be helpful for our spring break cruise.
  2. So glad I found this. We will be on her next year and I'm so excited for my girls and I! Thanks for sharing your cruise memories!
  3. No, table cloths are not breaking my cruise. Do you know how much water is required to wash all those table cloths. What a waste.
  4. Just make sure you return them; or they can charge you. Happy Cruising!
  5. I agree, this will definitely be a port activity.
  6. Can you imagine the lines for this? Only two people per car?
  7. I do this a lot, as a previous poster stated; I can spread my payments out!! Have a great time!
  8. I hear you...if and when I book, it will likely be an inside or ocean view. That's the cost of cruise twice a year, a least I am on a ship! Happy Cruising./
  9. I was floored by this event. This speaks volumes about the company; what a motivating and inspiring choice. The whole ceremony was lovely IMO. I have never cruised Celebrity, however, I am excited to try their brand; I'm just not sure where to start...was thinking the Edge :)
  10. You are correct, they don't show reservations for specialty dining. They really should.
  11. I am afraid that this will be my problem too!
  12. Thanks for the review. I just booked this cruise, same itinerary for 2020. DO you have happen to have any of the fun times?
  13. We are taking an excursion into the Puerto Plata. The pool area held no interest for me. We wanted to see and learn something about the area. I am super excited for this port.
  14. Spend your money LOL I booked my Thanksgiving cruise
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