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  1. Actually, as I was a Navigating Officer, my cabin was better than most passenger cabins!
  2. Well, that did rock...they were only 25,000 tons compared to the behemoths of today! Glad that you saw the Mardi Gras as she was back then, and also that as you live in FL is so easy for you! We, however, will never do big ship cruising again - partly as Ive seen it from both sides ( a Navigating Officer and a passenger) and as latter I feel like being herded like cattle.! Try small boat cruising as you meet 'travellers' not tourists? We have done one Katarina Line in Croatia (32 passengers) and are booked to do another in September. However, my gut feeling is that the Cono situation will
  3. I guess I'm really old! I sailed on her when she was the Canadian Pacific liner Empress of Canada in 1970 as a Third (Navigating) Officer, then married one of the ship's nurses. 23 years later we sailed on her again as the Mardi Gras as passengers! Deja Vu! Not much had changed, just a few paint jobs!
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