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  1. Voyager class. Our one trip on the Allure was fun, but it's just too much for us. The Navigator is our favorite.
  2. We used Caribbean Paddling a few years ago. We will use them again in September. Rented two kayaks and paddled over to Pinel. Taxi was on time to & from the ship. Good people.
  3. Booked on a 5 day trip on Infinity next week. Does anyone know what shows will be offered?
  4. Thanks so much for the suggestions!
  5. I'd be wary of sailing on any ship with one of those newfangled navigation systems. Make sure there's a guy with spyglass in the crow's nest.
  6. Same. It worked great for us. And, the cool thing about the app is that on certain ships, you don't even have to buy the wifi to use the messaging. Bottom line is DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Not all innovations are bad.
  7. Holy cow, this thread! According to one poster, I'm a helicopter mom. According to you, I'm giving my children too much freedom. LOL
  8. In the old days, many years ago, people didn't have indoor plumbing either. Not all progress is bad, for heaven's sake!
  9. Exactly. Loved having the app for my 13 year old, & the rest of the family for that matter, on the Allure in December. It was great! He felt more comfortable, too.
  10. And, get off my lawn! We get it. We get it.
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