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  1. I'd be wary of sailing on any ship with one of those newfangled navigation systems. Make sure there's a guy with spyglass in the crow's nest.
  2. Same. It worked great for us. And, the cool thing about the app is that on certain ships, you don't even have to buy the wifi to use the messaging. Bottom line is DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Not all innovations are bad.
  3. Holy cow, this thread! According to one poster, I'm a helicopter mom. According to you, I'm giving my children too much freedom. LOL
  4. In the old days, many years ago, people didn't have indoor plumbing either. Not all progress is bad, for heaven's sake!
  5. Exactly. Loved having the app for my 13 year old, & the rest of the family for that matter, on the Allure in December. It was great! He felt more comfortable, too.
  6. And, get off my lawn! We get it. We get it.
  7. We always tip our favorite bartenders at the end of the week. I didn't appreciate feeling "shamed" into tipping extra on every drink. Plus, we felt we had to watch our account closer each day to make sure that nothing had been added.
  8. Which ship? We sailed on the Allure last month and had to sign for every drink. Every. Stinking. Drink. Super annoying. Especially on the particularly windy days by the pool. Keeping my fingers crossed that you have better luck!
  9. Call them. Even if you've already made your final payment. The worst thing they can do is say no. We got OBC and a voucher for specialty dining after a significant price drop on a cruise a few years ago after we had made the final payment. Good luck!
  10. This thread can't be for real. It just can't.
  11. Yes!! He totally nailed the "smoldering stare across the disco" look. So much fun!
  12. We've only cruised RCI & Celebrity and have always wondered about this. We're usually struggling to get all the necessary dining attire into our bags, not sure if we could fit our platforms & bell bottoms in there, too, but it'd be worth a try. Do any of the other lines let passengers know ahead of time about theme nights?
  13. Was useful information for a relatively new cruiser like myself and probably to others, as well. More experienced cruisers who already know every exception/pitfall, can just simply move on to the next thread, perhaps? Problem solved!
  14. That's exactly how I read your post, Teach. You were just passing along a frustrating experience in the hopes of helping others avoid it if possible. Thanks again & Happy New Year to you!!
  15. The tone of the OP? This is the original post: "Had wonderful time aboard Allure this summer. Booked on board the Symphony and got a booking bonus of $100 OBC. We just changed the date of our Symphony sailing, same cabin and RCCL charged us $100 /pp change fee and took away our $100 OBC bonus. Please be aware ! A $300 penalty!" At the risk of beating an already (very) dead horse, what about the "tone" of that post could possibly be offensive to anyone?
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