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  1. Loving the review so far! We sail on the Breeze next May, and I love reading reviews (especially lengthy ones with pictures!) while we wait!
  2. You may want to try calling to book the reservation. I ended up calling (for a different reason) when trying to book 2 rooms and was told our past guest status/obc offer would also extend to either 1 or 2 additional rooms that I was booking at the same time. And I’m just a red card, so it’s not like I’ve got some special status with Carnival 😁 Just a heads up in case that’s easier than going down to guest services to have them swap cards.
  3. Most: St. Kitts - they would not stop asking us to take pictures with the monkeys and then got rude when we said no thanks. One guy at the beach would walk up and down the beach hounding beachgoers to buy his shells (which we had already found out would not be allowed back on the ship - we saw someone arguing that they had bought it and had a receipt to prove it, but was still made to throw it out). We politely said no thanks, then about 3 min later another no thanks, repeat another 2 or 3 times. The last time, the guy cussed at my husband for not buying it. Least: St. Maarten Grenada
  4. Thanks for the review! We sail next summer on the Breeze with what sounds like the same itinerary. I was hoping for less smoke in the casino. We ended up not spending any time in there on the Sunshine for the same reason, but the Dream wasn’t that bad and we enjoyed it for a little each night. Maybe we’ll luck out and be on a cruise where many of the smokers hate the casino 😉
  5. When we were on the Sunshine (Jan 2017) we didn't have a fridge in either room (oceanview and interior, both on deck 2). Looks like you had a great fridge!
  6. I haven’t the done the Breeze on a low deck, but we did the Sunshine on deck 2. Low decks are great for port days!
  7. Honestly, this is what I'm worried about. We prefer to just grab a cab and do things on our own. On our last cruise, we only booked 1 excursion through Carnival (Puerto Rico because we had never been, we wanted to do the beach, and I got the impression that it needed to be done through the ship for safety reasons - which we have a stop there this cruise as well and we will be doing it on our own this time). But that 1 excursion through Carnival was horrible. Literally the entire bus of people were sitting in chairs for the last hour or so waiting on it to come back. One couple even grabbed a cab and headed back to port earlier. We thought about it, but the hotel we had been dropped off at warned against it so we just waited. Being stuck with a hungry 4 year old, no food even though it was supposed to be available for purchase, the ocean so dark and full of rocks that my husband cut his foot as he tried to wade out, and the pool frigid made for a miserable trip for us (and apparently everyone else too). I just don't want a repeat of that, but now with 2 kids!
  8. Thank you! It looks like Casa Rita Beach or Long Beach depending on where they stop. We are beach fanatics and love the crystal clear water and white sand the most, but are happy with water. Was the water calm enough to get in? I know you mentioned it being a bit cool, but we will be there in the month of May, so it should be warmer.
  9. I know this is a couple of months old, but thank you for posting your review! I'm looking at the same excursion through Carnival but there are only 3 reviews (2 great and 1 just ok). I wonder if multiple cruise lines use the same vendors for excursions. Also, do you know the name of the beach you went to?
  10. Wait, what?? I haven’t sailed since Jan 2017 and we still “binged” then. It’s ridiculous, but I love that sound - the sound of vacation starting!
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