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  1. In the process of booking our flight home to the USA from Sydney arrival port. This will be after a 19 day Transpacific Cruise starting in Hawaii, with our trip starting on 5 days before pre-cruise. Overall a long time to be away from home. Looking for your input if it is worth the stopover in Auckland for a day or two (the connecting city for Air New Zealand back to the USA)? We are already staying a couple of days in Sydney post arrival. I typically become Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz feeling by the end of the trip, 'there is no place like home', but I also don't want to miss the opportunity if its worth the extra time and $$$. Advise also if two full days and nights are enough time in Sydney post arrival.
  2. Bump how were the rooms you ended up with? Any regrets?
  3. What is the latest you have had to wait for your room assignment on a ‘Guarantee Junior Suite or Better’ to be given? No rooms in the suite or regular balconies categories are showing available online. Sailing is Feb 10 out of Miami. We have never sailed without things locked down at the time of booking. They assure me when I called the Guarantee shows the category type, but they cannot give a date certain for issue. Have you had to wait until the day you board and are they giving out on first come, first serve? Are they waiting on any last minute cancellations from those currently booked/paid? When do TA’s release their unsold or cancelled room blocks back to RCCL? I am assuming/guessing that is how it works. Have you ever gotten a room less than the expected Guarantee category or in a scum location? Or can we expect Unicorns and Rainbows? Are they holding back to wait for the JS to surface and not the ‘or better’ category? Does all this vary by ship or is this a Corporate function that manages all ships? Thanks for your guidance and information on your experience.
  4. We will have to fly to Hawaii going and Sydney coming back. Thanks for the update we can use the ship as a hotel & restaurant in Hawaii. I am suspecting the usual time to get on? How did you like the trip and did you take Ovation.
  5. Ours had both the prime notation and drink sticker on the card when we checked in. I was also told to let CR know of all cruises booked outside of the Club Royal so they can mark your profile for the casino mgr.
  6. Thanks and understand. Ours same. I will say we got jacked the last cruise by the casino mgr. The CR phone rep could see same from record of play. He submitted to corporate for a review and they responded nicely. There is not cut in stone formula so keep up with your play and determine your tier.
  7. can anyone speak to the itinerary for this sailing which shows; September 30 Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii with no times AND October 1, 2019 Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii that shows departure 10:00 pm. Does this mean the ship is open for boarding, staying, and meals the day before the cruise? The cruise is sold as a 19 night itinerary, with arrival into Sydney October 20th so the calculation for counting this would be the actual sail date of Oct 1. Has anyone done this cruise and what is your input? The schedule allows for a lot of boxes to be checked off the bucket list - because shortly thereafter we will choke on paying for the airfare for sure. ;p
  8. What is your rate of play to get this or your frequency on board? I understand this is a personal question. I seriously doubt the pit crew are keeping count. Has anyone found out how the points are calculated or do you have to ask at the beginning and end of each cruise? I do understand the calendar year for points starts April 1 and the Tier level is on their website, but there is nothing that indicates the formula for the calculation to get to a particular Tier level. If it is a port intensive cruise or shorter cruise are they taking into account casino being closed?
  9. Cabin 1549 - does anyone else have an update on this cabin as to what they hear and if this is a major issue? The description states 'partial obstructed view'. Is this because its on a slant on the hump or is there actually something in front of it like a lifeboat? If its only the support pole and the ladder seen in pix that is not a big deal, but those pixs are old.
  10. Look at the US Department of State Travel Warning for travelers and their own embassy personnel. There is same issued by the UK & Australia. Google Jamaica Travel Warning and you will see clips of the Jamaican Prime Minister announcing a State of Emergency and the use of Military troops. This is a result of major drug and gun trafficking activity. This is involving gun violence with killing, robbery, gang rapes (even inside resort property grounds), home invasions resulting in murder of all residents. Our last trip not long ago, the cruise line cancelled all excursions due to 'unrest' in the area. We were advised if we chose to leave the ship for an independent excursion they were not responsible nor would they wait if we were late due to roads being blocked. Until these official warnings are removed, if you must take an excursion, I would only do so only with the cruise line sponsored trip. While you may be able to do on your own without incident, I would consider the warnings from Government sources a big heads up.
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