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  1. Roz, I can barely see the keyboard. I know that no words can ease the pain you and Horty are going thru. All I can b do is send hugs and love to you both. The decision you ultimately make will be backed by me a gazillion %. I love you bunches. 🐾💖💔💕
  2. As I sit here in tears, again, thank you all for understanding my situation. Linda hubby is better, not well. We head into each day the best we can. I believe he had the Covid back in January. He will not leave the house to get tested, so we just have to wonder at this point.
  3. Roz, I am just so proud of him and guess day of those training classes I took him too and the one he went and stayed out taught him to be a great boy. I am proud that he will be able to help this Veteran and walk by his side just like your wonderful furkids have done for all of you. He will make the best Service Dog and friend this man can have. 🐾💗
  4. Good mornin all, I have a story to tell. It will be long, get a snack. So, we got my beautiful boy, Rocky last July. He was born June 12, 2019. In January this year my husband had to go to the emergency room 3 times. He could not breath. The 3rd time was via ambulance. After sitting in ER for around 8 hours they finally admitted him. He was there for 4 daya. He is still sick. Rocky went to a trainer and stayed with him for about 4 weeks. When he came home I tried as hard as I could to give him the attention he needed along with taking care of my husband. We had to make the heart breaking decision to give Rocky up. I still cry just talking about it. Tears are flowing. Anyway, Roy found a home for Rocky with 2 younger boys that just loved him. I was ok for a couple of days, then started waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning worrying whether he was ok. Was he just in the back yard with no one playing with him? Was he too hot out there? We love in Arizona it is already getting hot. We had ribs for dinner, as I was throwing the bones out I thought " I hope they know not to give him bones. ". I prayed he wasn't too much for them and ended up at the Shelter. This went on for about a week. I sent Roy a text and asked for an update on Rocky. Sure enough they had returned Rocky to him. They had got him for their elderly mother. I know he would be too much puppy for an older person. I am one and he was a handful for me. So Roy has a neighbor, a Veteran who worked with dogs in the military, all over the world. He fell in love with Rocky! Who wouldnt? Rocky took to him also. So Rocky is training to be his Service Dog and doing grea! He went to the doctor with his new dad and d I d great. I am so happy and now feel comfortable that my boy is being taken care of. I still feel guilty that I failed as his mom and miss him like crazy. 🐾💔💖 Roy is going to try and get some pictures of him and send them to me!
  5. A huge puppy lick for each of you. Tears are flowing. I know I don't have to tell you to give that boy big hugs and kisses a gazillion times. I know he is in the best care possible. Purrayers Big Boy! Eat all that chicken momma makes for you. You might even give it a try and act like you don't like it and I bet momma would sit with you and hand feed you! We all love you To the moon and back! 💖
  6. OMD, Roz. My heart stopped beating. Big ole Horty no more scares! I just can't even imagine it. I have no words, except I love you Roz and Horty. Have some nice quiet time and rest that back, baby boy. No wonder he didn't want to get in the truck. It's a good thing we are quarantined and you weren't going out all that much. Or, heaven forbid you were on a cruise. HUGE healing vibes for you guys. 🐾💗💖🌵
  7. Keith's oldest brother died of Covid 19 on Sunday. He had been in the hospital and released to a rehab. He had to be taken back to the hospital. They didn't call his daughter for 5 days to let her know! They called her and told her she needed to get there, like now. She is an hour and half from the hospital, but she made it. They let her go in and see him for about 20 minutes. They had her dress up in basically a "hazmat" suit. After she came out she was still there and he passed. He was waiting for his baby girl to come see him. No excuse for the hospital not calling her. They said it had been so busy! Don't care, need to let loved ones know, 5 days is unacceptable! So with all that said, I wish the people around our city would take it seriously. In the paper it said we are the highest number % size in the county for number of those having Covid and deaths! 😮 Smaller population than Phoenix or Tucson, but numbers size higher. I have limited leaving the house to "have to". Even have been ordering groceries for pick up. So far so bood, but wish I could leisurely wonder the store. I always see things I forgot to put on the list. Hope everyone is well and those furkids are fabulous! 💖
  8. I knew, either Cindy would say something or it really wasn't an issue. We are interchangeable, aren't we? LOL
  9. Good mornin all. Jezzy Lou has been having some rear end problems. I am taking her to a specialist on Tuesday. It's an hour from home but would rather take her there than the Vet here every 2 weeks to have her glands expressed. I hope everyone has a nice mothers day! 😻💖🌺🐾
  10. 😥 Wow how time flys. It makes me sad and glad all at once. I love that tall legged, dark, handsome Horty! I just can't believe that he is that old! We have been around here a loooooonngg time! ❤️
  11. Fly with the Angels Barb. You will be with your sweet Valentine now.
  12. Cindy I agree about cruising. It is so hectic packing and making sure you have everything, including cruise docs. Get to the terminal, parking, getting suitcases handled, wait, wait and wait to board. Get on board get to the room, get all unpacked then swoosh, all the negative leaves my body and we are on vacation! Then the night before we have to leave, wait until the last minute to pack and then the reverse anticipation of getting off the ship. We are usually the last to get called because we drive to port..... ahhhhh.
  13. iiI don't have a service dog and I don't do crowds. I bet we have eaten at the buffet a hand full of times in all the cruises we have taken. I find the main dining rooms were usually not busy and it was pawfect. Or we do Calzones on the run. We love to stay on board and soak up that quiet time. With hubby''s and now my walking issues if we do get off the ship we hang out at the piers. We aren't big souvenir people and we do think we need something from where we are, it can be found at one of the pier shops. People watching is at its best! Cindy, that is a great picture of you and Oakland. The look of how he loves his momma is priceless. I can only imagine the look for his dad!
  14. Oh Ms. Tish you're hanging off your bed! Silly girl. I'm glad you are there to help mom get thru the ugly times. Roz, don't feel bad, I'm on the brink ready to dive in and circle the bowl! Cindy, doing the same thing here. I have a bottle with bleach and water. Don't get in my way or you will get wiped down too!I When I brought groceries home from store pick up the other day I sprayed the outside of the bags. Not thinking the print on the bag was going to run. Then I sat in the garage, took each item out and wiped them down. Spray inside of bag then everything back in it to come upstairs. Keith just cannot get this virus. Every couple of days we go for a ride, don't get out of the car, just ride. There is a family down the road that has a huge metal (art) dinosaur in their side yard. They decorate him for each holiday. Very cute idea. Right now he has a giant mask on so he doesn't t get or pass the virus on. I will have to take a picture and post it f o r you guys. I did laugh out loud. Was nice to laugh for a change.
  15. Oh my, we love smaller ships. Only 2000, haha. I can't remember how big (small) the ships were when we first started cruising, but we have grown to love the smaller ones. Not too many of them around anymore. I don't do crowds. I remember we cruised on the Royal Caribbean ship Nordic Prince. I thought Keith was going to blow a gasket. There was no TV in the rooms. The Crows Nest had 6 bar stools at the bar and I think 3 or 4 tables. That was it. You could take the elevator up, but they had a cool stair case on the outside that made it feel like you were climbing up a tree! I remember climbing up there one evening and it was pouring rain. We were laughing and haulin' butt. Good Memories, thank you Roz for taking back on this journey! We actually grew to love the small atmosphere!
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