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  1. Cindy, I was wrong. I was thinking of the one Cody posted for us. I also went to Legacy and can't find it. 😞 I have lived in the cold weather. Not a fan. But also not a fan of our summer 110+ temps! Where is the happy medium? When we were in Hawaii, on our cruise, one of the taxi drivers who was born and raised in Maui said she really doesn't like it. She said she feels isolated. If you want to go anywhere, you have fly. I hadn't thought of that aspect of it. Even though Maui has everything you could need, it must close in on the people that live there. I don't know, I think I would be fine with it. Since we really haven't left the house since March I can see be quarantined on Maui! I could make it work! 🌴🦜
  2. Awww. Thank you Rebecca. I hope you guys also keep us updated and send wonderful stories of your grammy. I can just see and hear the two of you laughing and Horton saying " Whaaat are you two laughing at? I needed a tail cool down! " 🐾💞
  3. No luck finding it. I must have been thinking of the one Cody posted above.
  4. Hi Fairborne, I had quite the time finding the obit for Roz also. It did finally pop up. It is a beautiful tribute to our Queen Roz. Let me trundle around and see if I can find it again. They have a great picture of Roz attached to it. I took a picture of the picture on my phone, so I would have it. Be back in a few.
  5. Just wanted to check in. Hope everyone is doing well. Furkids are doing good. The weather has cooled down. We have been a chilly (to us) 71 degrees in the mornings. Still getting up to right around 100 degrees +/- . Have a great week everyone. 💕
  6. Wow, where to start. I know, get a box of kleenex, because the tears are flowing. Thank you Cody for sharing this with us. I love your Grammy to pieces. I am one of her orphans, never having a service dog, but finding this thread and immediately being drawn in. We had a big ole yellow lab, Reno who helped start my relationship with Roz. She didn't care if I used a service dog or not, our love for animals and cruising was all she needed to pull me into her world. I see her grandkids got her wonderful personality. I miss her and can only imagine the loss you all feel. I will cherish this picture of her. Hugs, love and prayers to all of wonderful family. 💔🐾💕
  7. Thank you Laura and Kat, you don't know what this means to me personally. I am thankful I can come here and know this Post will still be here. I come here as my "healing" place. 💖
  8. Panamana42, bless your 💖. Hugs and prayers to you. 😥 I just know they are above us watching over everyone of us. Especially you Debi. I have no words to help comfort you. I hope you come on here from time to time and let us know how you are doing. 🐾💕
  9. Fairbourne, I have missed you and all the puppy adventures. Thankf you for your sweet post. It hit me like a ton of bricks thinking that this Post would be deleted. Making it a Pinned or sticky post would be great. I would guess if we all kept it going it would be left up. I can't imagine all this valuable information being lost. Cheers across the pond. Take care. I'm so sorry Panaramma42. I have been so caught up with processing this I forgot to tell you how thankful I am for you letting us know. I am also thankful that you have Horton. His just be so confused. Hugs to you both. If something were to happen to me, no one would know to let my cruise critic buddies know. I Hope everyone has a pleasant weekend. Our temperatures are finally coming down, 105 is still a tad warm, but the mornings are nice and cool.
  10. Thank you Cindy. After all these years, I think from 2007, that I've "known" Roz, I don't remember ever seeing a picture of her, This is a beautiful picture, I would cherish it. I'm lost not seeing one of her posts. 🐾💕
  11. I am 💔 and speechless. Fly so very high with the Angels Roz. You have been a rock for me for so many years. I love you.
  12. Roz, mixed emotions on this one. I am sure they were just trying to be cool and follow the trend of the whole gender reveal thing. Although I don't think pyrotechnics are the best choice to achieve it. Sadly a firefighter has died while fighting that blaze. 💔😥 I have a nephew that is a firefighter. He is in central California so not sure if he is on the front lines. Now for the idiots right here in town shooting them off, $*&-$. We still have vacant lots in town which are covered in weeds. We have one kitty corner behind us and one kitty corner in front of us. We dig remnants from our pool several times a month. Unfortunately they are as dumb as they appear. They shoot a couple off, go back in the house, then half hour to an hour comeback out and shoot a couple more. I can't even get outside fast enough to see where it is coming from. 😵 Jezzy is finally doing pretty good from her surgery. She has her follow up appointment Monday, also have a new blood test to check her liver levels to see if she will.have to take Denamarin the rest of her life of if the levels are back to with in acceptable levels. I finally, after all these years have found a way to give her pills. I just scoop peanut butter up on it and put some on another finger and she just laps it down! Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend. Our temps have finally come down to tolerable. 🐾💞💖
  13. Roz, the winds have blown a lot of smoke clear to Arizona. Our crystal blue skies have been hazy grey for over a week now. Looks over cast but it's smoke. It's coming from the Oak Glen fire. I believe that is the one that started from a gender reveal party gone wrong! What's wrong with balloons or confetti or anything but some kind of excelorant (sp) in the dry, brittle landscape. 😥 🔥
  14. Roz, I was thinking the same thing. Before I know it, it is Friday all over again.
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