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  1. As most of you know, I do not have a Service Dog and I gotta say, all this paperwork is making my head hurt. I am sure if I was having to get the paperwork, fill it out, get it certified and signed, etc. it would probably make more sense to me. It seems like they are trying to keep your precious babies from rightfully being able to cruise with you. 💖
  2. Barb, We are all vacinated too. Travis has graduated from high school. Has a part time job, until we can get enough practice in for him to get his license. First part of their test is to do a 3- point turn. I had been having him practice in the street (out in the boonies, no traffic). Found out MVD has a grid set up behind their building. Only one number on the lanes and it is a number 2. I went in today with my primitive picture and said, show me the right way to do this turn. They have to pass making the turn without hitting any cones before they will even take them out on the
  3. So, we went in for our vaccine and the Nurse told us that they did not have the J & J, that they were approved to administer it, but had never received any of the vaccine anyway. Not just because they put a hold on it. Interesting. We read an article in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago that our county was going to do a one time vaccine event. They said they had 200 or 250 (can't remember how many) of the J & J available. We were told we needed to make appointments, but they didn't list the information on how to do that. Hubby went onto the County Health Dept. site and signed u
  4. So, our appointment for vaccine is today. Hubby wanted to hold out for J & J, but in light of the latest info, he may go ahead and get the Mederna. He is on medication to prevent blood clots, but I wouldn't trust that to definitely rule out getting a blood clot. He has been on it for years from his surgery. I figure at our age, what difference does it make. That may sound crass but I will take my chances of side-effects and not getting Covid. I am bummed that the vaccine is only good for approximately 6 months. Missing you Roz. I need to "talk" to you. Nothing importan
  5. Just checking in. Hope all are well. Our little Jezzy Lou has been diagnosed with Cushings Disease. So far it is mild, no meds needed and it hasn't slowed her down. Since we got our yard finished she is loving being outside. She still won't stay out alone, which is fine by us, we still don't trust that coyote's won't get in the yard. Our back fence is 5' tall, but on the other side is an easement and the dirt come up a ways higher to the fence line making it only about 4' on the other side. Hope that makes sense. The neighbors nextdoor have a block wall but the dirt is up higher on the
  6. So, we are finally scheduled for our shots. Wanted to wait for the Johnson and Johnson, but now they say the state is delaying it. Kind of funny that Phoenix has the shot and been giving them to folks. But it is what it is, I will take the mederna. Hubby who is high risk, still wants to wait for J & J, but may change his mind before we get the shot. The first isn't scheduled until April 15. I have been hearing cruise commercials so maybe things will get back to "normal" after all. I think we all need to feel the ocean breeze flowing and the calmness it brings.
  7. Cindy, OMG, she is just gorgeous! And the pupper, those 2 should be on a magazine cover. What fun taking IIsla on her first cruise. Sounds like so much fun. We can't get an appointment to save our butts. So, now we might as well wait for J & J. Although it won't be any easier to get an appointment. I hear what you are saying about getting to go to the store so you can look around. I make a list, but sometimes I forget and its nice to see something and go, oh we need that too.
  8. I actually love mobile homes. You get so much more for the money. It's the lot or property it sits on. We've owned 2. The first one was on 4 acres. It was by far one of my favorite houses we ever lived in. I will have to research mobiles on their own lots. I know they exist. If I could it would be by the ocean. I guess that is why we love cruising so much. When we first started cruising, we always got a cabin on the fan tail. It seemed no one else wanted to be "back" there! Now all of a sudden everyone wants rear cabins. I love to watch the wake from the ship.
  9. Thanks Linda, I will look those up. We do not golf, but I suppose if we want a restaurant on site and be able to drive golf cart around, golf course will probably be attached to it! LOL. Just looked up deed restrictive, yeah, not where we would want to live either. I'm not keen on a mobile home, we had one for many years that was tough to sell because of the lot fee. It wasn't high, just that it could be raised at any time and you didn't have much control over it. We are just looking for a home base so that if we do get a motorhome we would have somewhere to come back too. And of course i
  10. Thanks Linda. It's nice to get feed back on something that you have thought about and find out your gut feeling was right. Where is your home at in Florida. I kind of got caught in a trail, but it was leading south of Tampa. I will look to see what is north. He is looking for a nice 55+ that has activities, a restaurant on site or close by, where we could drive a golf cart to. Nothing special, just a nice relaxing place. ❤️
  11. Cindy, That is great that CVS did that. We are in a no information zone. Even though Keith is only 70, he has the underlying conditions that should make him eligible to get the shot now. I have know idea how we are suppose to prove he has the underlying conditions. He is going to call his Pulmonologist and see if they can tell him. I am guessing he would need a letter from her? Then we are running short on shots in our rural area. Our county is 13,461 square miles and the 5th largest in the United States, so we can be pretty spread out. I am glad some of you guys have
  12. Sounds like some of you have plans in the works. That must be a good feeling. Hubby is getting the moving bug again! He is liking the idea of Florida. I have never been there and he has only cruised out of Miami, once. We are thinking more on the gulf side, Tampa area. Then he also is looking at Texas. Not sure where there, just close to the coastline. He wants a 55+ place, but he wants a restaurant on site so it is close by. Hard to find the ones with including the restaurant, because Google of course picks up on the 55+ and throws a gazillion ones at us. We were thinking maybe a hi
  13. Morning all, Hope everyone is well and just busy. I know we are about tired of this sickness. Being in Arizona is no fun since we have the highest number of cases in the world! 😵 Being a resort town and the weather being mild this year, we have had lots of visitors to our state. I'm sure that doesn't help. It seems people are getting more and more lax and I'm sure it is why the surge in cases. Enough of that. I'm wondering if the cruise industry will ever get back to normal? We will just have to wait and see.
  14. Mornin' All, Another, almost year on the books. Quite the year on top of that. All the pictures surely bring smiles to my face. I miss seeing Mr. Horty pants all decked out for Christmas. The three of us had a nice quiet Thanksgiving and Christmas. Jezzy Lou is loving the landscaping all being done in the yard. She runs more than she ever has in her life. From one end to the other. It is keeping her nice and trim. She can become a little sausage easily. Cindy, isn't that a nice feeling at least having a cruise booked. And all the perks? Score. Hope ever
  15. Hi Carrie, I don't know the answer to your question, just wanted to say hi. Hope you and furbabies are all well and ready for Christmas. Looking forward to a cruise is very exciting. Almost like the first time we cruised! Take Care, Nancy
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