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  1. The ship doesn’t seem to have moved. Does anyone have an update? I have two friends on board who are both in their seventies. They will be trying to get back to the UK.
  2. My husband and I were on the Silver Galapagos three years ago. We booked late and had the cheapest cabin. It was big enough and the cruise is so busy we hardly spent any time in it, except to change. We did two excursions every day, and apart from that spent most of the time on deck. I agree I would save the money and spend it on another trip. It is a truly amazing destination, enjoy!
  3. I have just been reading about the new Silversea ‘fly cruise’ to Antarctica, that will enable you to fly there in less than two hours, rather than two days sailing across the Drake passage. My husband and I did this trip twelve years ago, and although I suffer badly from seasickness, I resolved that if necessary I would spend two days in bed to see this incredible continent. As it turned out, we had the ‘Drake Lake’ on the way out, and the two day sea journey crammed with expert lectures about the birds, wildlife, sea life and history of the land we were about to experience only served to heighten our anticipation and enrich our experience, I vividly remember the Captains prize of a bottle of champagne for the first passenger to sight an iceberg, our first sight of an albatross, and our first sight of penguins, whose flights peppered the sea like machine gun fire. We also ran into an incredible pod of over 20 humpback whales feeding around our ship, which even had our Captain out on deck with his camera. On the return journey we did have rough seas, but with medication I was fine, and we all felt as though we had truly been on an ‘expedition’, and we never actually felt in any danger. In the museum in Ushuaia you will see a boat the size of tiny boat Shackleton and his colleagues crossed it in. Truly amazing! i appreciate there are people who lead busy lives, but if you cannot afford to devote more than six days to Antarctica, I think you will be missing a big part of the experience, which is very sad.
  4. We docked in Colon this January and had booked a taxi to Panama City with Amber Moon taxis for $105 for the two of us. Driver was waiting at the pier and journey was fine, took just over an hour.
  5. We have just departed a HA cruise. No health questionnaire required.
  6. Thank you to everyone who has posted updates. We are due to embark on the Veendam from Montreal next Saturday. Calling at Sydney, Halifax and Charlottetown. Any updates from those CC’ers in the area before then would be appreciated.
  7. I am not sure about the OBC issue, but with regard to the WiFi price, check out the recent AI package, which includes all drinks, tips, laundry and wifi. We were offered it as a special offer on our Panama Canal cruise earlier this year and the package price saving meant we got WiFi for free. We would have purchased the other add ons anyway, so it was a no brainer. The wifi worked fine, much to my surprise, and was very useful for keeping in touch with the kids back home. I see it is now being offered generally on the Windstar website, presumably because it has proved popular. We would certainly get it again for that saving.
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. My colleagues daughter is very mature, and well behaved. As an only child, she is well used to the company of adults and travels everywhere with her parents. I have discussed what is, and what is not, available on this cruise so my friend is aware. She has cruised on the Star Clipper many years ago which I would imagine offers a similar level of entertainment, etc. Thanks again.
  9. Hi, I have a colleague who is keen to try Windstar after I have told her how much we enjoy our cruises with them. she is hoping to do a Caribbean trip on one of the motor yachts next year with her husband and 12 year old daughter. Is that possible without having to book two cabins? Thanks for any advice.
  10. We flew into Costa Rica via Panama and stayed a few days in a nice hotel in the hills above the city, Hotel Buena Vista. Lovely views and away from the hustle and bustle. Private taxi transfer to the ship. We planned it that way so the highlight of the cruise, the passage through the canal, came at the end. The cruise was great, usual superb Windstar service, and amazing to go through on a small ship. Couldn’t believe it was built so long ago. We also stayed at Las Clementinas, would highly recommend their lovely apartments. It’s in the Old Town. Panama City was fascinating.
  11. We were on an Alaska cruise three years ago when there was a large religious group who took over the whole MDR for the early sitting, meaning no other passengers were able to eat then, as they objected to sitting in the same room as other guests drinking alcohol. On one occasion we were in the lift between evening venues carrying our drinks, and one woman even turned her back on me and faced the wall rather then look at me carrying a glass of wine. My husband and I paid to dine at Tamarind three times so we could eat at a convenient time for us as a result. We complained to HAL on our return home and got £500 future cruise credit as compensation for our inconvenience, as we had not been informed of this prior to our booking.
  12. Thanks everyone for your advice. That’s all very helpful.
  13. My husband and I are on a Canada and New England Cruise in September. We are thinking of booking Oli’s Trolley four hour tour of Acadia National Park. We dock at 7.00am. This is a tender port and one of the ships tours departs at 7.30. The tour we are looking at departs at 9.30. I have emailed the company and this is the response I got ‘Thank you for the email! Bar Harbor is a tender port and we suggest you are on a tender boat 1 hour prior to tour time and check in 30 minutes prior to tour time we are located directly on the tender pier for check in’ can anyone who has done this confirm whether they had any problems getting a tender in time to join this tour? Many thanks for any advice.
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