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  1. 1967clairem

    Anyone Had Their Norwegian Star Refund Yet ?

    We are currently escalating the matter to arbitration at Abta
  2. 1967clairem

    Star azipod propulsion problem

    I am advised that "The Federal Maritime Commission" Is an organisation which specifically helps to resolve disputes involving cruise vessel operators and passengers...I understand several passengers have already contacted them to express their concerns
  3. 1967clairem

    Star azipod propulsion problem

    Looks like no-one at UK NCL Guest relations has much of a clue regarding the 2nd itinerary change.... Well guys looks like we are booked on a Wallace Arnold mystery tour!
  4. 1967clairem

    Star azipod propulsion problem

    Thank you very much for that info!
  5. 1967clairem

    Star azipod propulsion problem

    I understand that the 5th January itinerary has changed again...we haven't received any notification of this...please can someone attach a revised schedule if possible. Kind regards
  6. 1967clairem

    Star azipod propulsion problem

    I am a great believer that in life communication is the best form of a resolution: That said,then perhaps my suggestion could be considered by the elusive hierarchy at NCL: On one of our days at sea on our 5th January cruise perhaps a senior official of NCL do host a meeting whereby all guests are invited to attend to air their views regarding the complete revision to our cruise itinerary...That way "everyone" gets chance to have their say. Oh course we all know that my suggestion would never materialise for fear of the sequel to the film "Mutinity on the Bounty" occuring upon the Star!! I ask NCL whilst we as passengers are being offered a paltry 20% recompense for all the distress they have caused...what compensation do the poor Thai and Vietnamese people get for lack of revenue for lost excursions and tourism?!