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  1. Of the ports I’ve visited: Most - Jamaica. They were downright aggressive at times. - Costa Maya. We were lied to buy a taxi driver who dropped us off at the wrong beach club. He tried passing us off to his friend that owned another beach club. -Progreso. Average. A “no thanks” and they’d leave -Cozumel. Least -Grand Cayman. The only one to approach us was a taxi driver which we needed.
  2. I’ve only ever tendered in Cayman but it would’ve seemed so out of place for the shuttle operator to request a tip.
  3. Someone asked John Heald about getting the Mardi Gras to Galveston and he said her sister in 2021 would need a home and he would see what he can do 🙂 John is known for dropping little hints like this months before announcements. Maybe???
  4. Could we be sending the beginning to the end of Carnival calling in Belize? It’s no surprise Belize isn’t a very popular destination. No beaches, very poor, high crime, etc. Accompanied with inadequate tenders (some of which are questionable in safety). As ships get bigger, do you think Carnival will call at Belize less if any?The Mardi Gras won’t call at Belize. Royal already rarely calls at Belize. Thoughts?
  5. You wouldn’t see a bust in New Orleans I bet. The city has decriminalized marijuana.
  6. I cruised the breeze in December. Internet was very bad. Messages wouldn’t send. Anything with pictures worked first thing in the morning and that’s it
  7. iMessage works on the social plan but messages only, no pictures.
  8. We loved it! We met at the end of the pier before you get to the shops. They told us we had time to look around before we left - (I took a few $1 shots of tequila before we left ;p) We were on a bus that fit about 15-20 and we had a single tour guide and a driver. The driver didn’t speak much English; the accent of the tour guide was thick but I could understand him. We took off for Merida which is about a 45 minute ride. As we rode, the guide told us about the stuff we passed. We stopped in Merida at an old home and got the history of that (just looked from the sidewalk). We went to the downtown square and toured an old home; there were beggars everywhere - forewarning. We then headed toward the rum factory but first stopped to get some handmade corn tortillas. These were good. The rum factory was neat - we got to sample a lot and got to see the entire process that was done there. We went in January and oh boy, it was HOT. Literally 95 degrees and my elderly grandmother couldn’t stand the heat in the distilling room so she went back in the house where it was air conditioned. There really wasn’t a hard sale on the rum; of course they push it, but they aren’t forcing you to buy it. I did notice the same rum at the port is only $1 more a bottle. A little warning: no lunch is provided during this tour and you’re gone during lunch. They provide a light snack of popcorn at the rum factory but it’s not much. I took some boxes of cereal from the ship to snack on which I would recommend. But don’t take any fruit or anything like that. Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. I’ve done this excursion. Absolutely loved it. You can actually price match this excursion with the tour on this website and get some OBC! http://www.autoprogreso.com/MeridaEn.html
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