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  1. LouisianaCruiser4200

    Carnival Breeze Internet

    I cruised the breeze in December. Internet was very bad. Messages wouldn’t send. Anything with pictures worked first thing in the morning and that’s it
  2. LouisianaCruiser4200

    Internet Plans- iMessage

    iMessage works on the social plan but messages only, no pictures.
  3. LouisianaCruiser4200

    So Excited - Triumph in September!

    We loved it! We met at the end of the pier before you get to the shops. They told us we had time to look around before we left - (I took a few $1 shots of tequila before we left ;p) We were on a bus that fit about 15-20 and we had a single tour guide and a driver. The driver didn’t speak much English; the accent of the tour guide was thick but I could understand him. We took off for Merida which is about a 45 minute ride. As we rode, the guide told us about the stuff we passed. We stopped in Merida at an old home and got the history of that (just looked from the sidewalk). We went to the downtown square and toured an old home; there were beggars everywhere - forewarning. We then headed toward the rum factory but first stopped to get some handmade corn tortillas. These were good. The rum factory was neat - we got to sample a lot and got to see the entire process that was done there. We went in January and oh boy, it was HOT. Literally 95 degrees and my elderly grandmother couldn’t stand the heat in the distilling room so she went back in the house where it was air conditioned. There really wasn’t a hard sale on the rum; of course they push it, but they aren’t forcing you to buy it. I did notice the same rum at the port is only $1 more a bottle. A little warning: no lunch is provided during this tour and you’re gone during lunch. They provide a light snack of popcorn at the rum factory but it’s not much. I took some boxes of cereal from the ship to snack on which I would recommend. But don’t take any fruit or anything like that. Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. LouisianaCruiser4200

    So Excited - Triumph in September!

    Sorry they must’ve removed it :(
  5. LouisianaCruiser4200

    So Excited - Triumph in September!

    I’ve done this excursion. Absolutely loved it. You can actually price match this excursion with the tour on this website and get some OBC! http://www.autoprogreso.com/MeridaEn.html
  6. LouisianaCruiser4200

    What are the chances we won’t port in Cozumel?

    When did you go there? I would love if carnival would start to port at other places in Mexico. (More short cruise options from Galveston and NOLA!)
  7. LouisianaCruiser4200

    What are the chances we won’t port in Cozumel?

    Valor and Fantasy ported in Progreso instead of Cozumel. It really was for the best. Better weather, calmer seas.
  8. LouisianaCruiser4200

    Disturbance in the Gulf

    Valor/Fantasy rerouted from Cozumel to Progreso. Lot of dissapointed folks on those ships
  9. LouisianaCruiser4200

    Possible 8 Eastern Itinerary from NOLA

    You’re probably right. They only recently started adding Costa Maya to itineraries when they could’ve been doing that all along. I think if they added this itinerary, it would be a rarity and an expensive one at that.
  10. LouisianaCruiser4200

    Possible 8 Eastern Itinerary from NOLA

    Theoretically, this 8 day schedule from NOLA would be possible. Would you be interested if Carnival offered it? Eastern Caribbean from NOLA Day 1 - Depart 4pm Day 2 - Fun Day at Sea Day 3 - Fun Day at Sea Day 4 - Amber Cove 11am - 7pm Day 5 - Grand Turk 7am - 5pm Day 6 - Fun Day at Sea Day 7 - Key West 9am - 5pm Day 8 - Fun Day at Sea Day 9 - Return 8am
  11. LouisianaCruiser4200

    MDR: what’s your preference?

    Fair point. With the quality of the MDR food, I don’t see it as very elegant or fancy anymore. It’s a good meal, but it’s not something that needs to be drawn out and savored.
  12. LouisianaCruiser4200

    MDR: what’s your preference?

    Lol, yes. Exactly
  13. LouisianaCruiser4200

    MDR: what’s your preference?

    Maybe I missed the mark with the "chatty" staff in option 2. It seems like from my experience that if the staff chats with you, they do so with other tables which slows the whole process down. On our last Valor cruise, we were in and out within an hour for dinner which was great. It allowed us to make all the shows. In the past, it's taken well over an hour and a half at dinner which made us miss shows.
  14. LouisianaCruiser4200

    MDR: what’s your preference?

    Would you prefer 1) quick MDR experience of less than an hour with waitstaff that is similar to a land-based experience (quick, courteous but not chatty) 2) longer MDR experience (1.5-2 hours) with waitstaff that strikes up conversation with you. I’ve had both and wanted to see other opinions on the matter.
  15. LouisianaCruiser4200

    Social wifi plan and laptop - Imagination

    I've had mixed results. Had value on Freedom and it worked better than I expected. Had value/social on Fantasy, was not good. Had value on Breeze and it was almost unusable. Had social on Valor and it worked well. Bought premium for this next Valor cruise