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  1. Here is the art book. You may have to download it and then attach it in your roll call post EdgeArtBook.pdf
  2. What about first time X cruisers, can they also call captains club?
  3. It still could happen, but calling the Captains Club may be your best bet.
  4. How far off is your sailing? I had late dining and requested early waitlist. It only took a couple of weeks before I was scheduled for 6. But That was before final payment date.
  5. Do they have hypo allergenic pillows as an alternative? I am allergic to feathers and can't use a down pillow.
  6. I would love this! and I'm glad to see so many others who would as well. I hope it serves to be popular enough to continue and expand to all the ships.
  7. It wouldn't bother me if they don't. I know a lot of people love lobster. I've had lobster in Maine and it's pretty good, but I'm from South Louisiana and I much prefer crawfish. Now if they had a crawfish boil, I'd be all in dat.
  8. We have early seating for dinner. It’s been a while since I cruised with an assigned time. When is a good time to get to the dining room? I’m in a wheelchair, so it can take me a little longer to get in place and it can be difficult to maneuver if there are a lot of people moving around. I was thinking of getting there early, but I’m not sure when the dining room opens.
  9. If I could figure out a way to pack my book reading pillow for air travel I would bring it. Stacking regular pillows is just not the same.
  10. If you try an accessible cabin, you may find that the pluses outweigh the minuses. I haven't been on the Constellation yet, but I have had accessible cabins on other cruise lines (since I use a wheelchair), and they are very nice.
  11. Your biggest problem may be getting a scooter through the door in a regular cabin. The doors in an accessible cabin are wider. I suggest you call the access office and ask them. Have the measurements of your scooter ready. But your best option is going to be an accessible cabin. A scooter would take up a lot of space in a regular cabin even if you can get it through the door.
  12. Thanks everybody. My TA did get back to me with an apology and explanation, and is addressing my requests. So I’m going to give her another try.
  13. We just booked an accessible aft cabin for the Southern Caribbean Jan 4. First time in an aft cabin.
  14. Thanks for posting this. I'm excited about cruising out of Tampa. My niece lives in the area and we will be able to visit with her and her family pre or post cruise. A great two-fer vacation.
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