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  1. Thanks for doing this Terry. We're taking the same cruise, but not until March 2022. It's hard to wait that long, but reading about the great time you are having helps.
  2. I see this mentioned but I don’t know how to find out. Is there a list somewhere?
  3. Were you happy with it? Is the price per shoot or per person? I was going to book it, but it only let me choose one guest for the shoot without paying double, but I want one shoot with both of us in it.
  4. I don't think the Reflection is due to cruise until Nov.
  5. Equinox is currently on a 12 night cruise
  6. On mine, both passengers have a checkmark, and instead of "view info" it says "edit info". My best guess is that the passenger information has not been fully filled out for that passenger.
  7. I picked #3. If it is high, we will fly in masked. Then get room service at the hotel and not leave the room til we board the ship. However, if it’s crazy high we would cancel the cruise. the thing with picking a low rate port is that you still have to fly there, and that can expose you to people from high rate areas.
  8. I’d love to get a recommendation. Unfortunately CC won’t let you and I can’t find anyway to message another member. Got any suggestions?
  9. The inside accessible cabins on Reflection are 245 sq ft. On NCL Breakaway they are 226 sq ft.
  10. Interested to know about the diabetes question on the link Fouremco shared. My husband is type 2 diabetic (well controlled). Is this going to be a problem with Celebrity? any diabetics who have travel so far able to comment?
  11. In 2019, we had embarkation lunch in Le Grand Bistro. The food was ok but not great, but we missed the whole buffet crowd. In fact we were the only ones there.
  12. We will be staying one night pre-cruise in March. I need a restaurant In the hotel, since I have limited mobility and won’t have a power chair until I get to the ship. Hyatt’s restaurant does really live up to the name, but at least it’s there. We stayed at the Hyatt once before and when we checked in they gave us a room (and key) to an occupied room. We were shocked to unlock the door and walk in on someone. So I’m thinking of staying at Riverside this time. Or do you have another suggestion?
  13. What about in accessible cabins? Is it the same? DH and I both use CPAPs.
  14. I’m fond of the rack of lamb.
  15. No real menus? The idea of having to read a menu on my phone is horrible. Please say it isn’t so.
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