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    Rumors of reduced daily activities on HAL?

    I've heard similar things about Noordams' Cruise Director on other websites. In fact, on other sites people were rather upset that he isolated himself so much - no mingling with passengers. I board the Noordam on March 21 so I guess I'll get a first hand look (or not!) at his mingling abilities. In my humble opinion, a cruise director needs to have a presence among the passengers. He doesn't need to be in-your-face about it but does need to be personable and visible.
  2. iicruiser

    Close Those Drapes!

    Thank you everyone for lots of good laughs!! :D
  3. iicruiser

    Opera review Jan 14-25

    :eek: Thanks OldCop201!! I'll store this info away for future reference!:eek:
  4. kittygraceOne thing we noticed on the Oosterdam last week, was that it seemed as though the "As You Wish" crowd was somewhat younger than the average age of the "Traditional" diner. Now I didn't go around asking for ages, it was just an observation and it has started me thinking that maybe HAL is thinking to the future. If open dining is what younger cruisers want and they don't have an option in place to offer it, what will happen in a few years? Just a thought... I obviously didn't do this paste thing right but... I just want to say I must be a "young oldtimer" then (in my 20's) My 3 friends and I are sailing on Noordam in March and we ALL prefer the "traditional dining" approach!! Ahhh - I guess I'm ahead of my time. LOL:cool:
  5. iicruiser

    Noordam 2/28 - 10 Day When are the Formal Nights

    Hi - I'd be interested in this info also. I'm looking to do some POWER SHOPPING this weekend for my March cruise on the Noordam. Thanks :eek: - my slim bank account is about to become slimmer!!
  6. iicruiser

    Hal's New Dress Codes

    I'm one of the younger set (late 20's) and have been on 1 HAL cruise before. I will be on the Noordam in March and I would be most disappointed to see denim in the dining room. I agree as a society we are dressing down BUT I really don't like the trend!! Casual dress brings casual attitudes - learned all about the research done by quite a few sociologists while in university. Anyway - I like to dress up as do my friends when we cruise. HAL administration, if you are reading this - My vote is for CLASS!!