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  1. No open bar, drink what you want when you want with some accountability for yourself... count me in.
  2. We recently booked for 5 nights in a Rockstar suite in 2022, this gives us access to the private rooftop and a few VIP upsides. Price was $4k give or take. By contrast the same period, similar routing 7 nights in the NCL Haven was over $8k. Adults only and more interesting dining options made VV a no-brainer. Maybe we are the target demographic!
  3. Ahh, the Haven courtyard on NCL... not for general consumption! NCL ships seem to survive in the Caribbean with high load factor so I still don't see the lack holding back VV any more than NCL?
  4. Can you define what you mean by solarium for me?
  5. ...I just went with the 'ignore' button... 🙂
  6. You are correct that SARS-CoV-2 specific vaccines were naturally only developed after it was sequenced, the core technology that underpins them has been around for approximately 30 years.
  7. I've been sailing the Caribbean for decades and have never used a solarium... there's this thing called the sun outside and on balance shade is preferable. In all that time I have never heard anyone ever mention "I'm off to the solarium", never, not once, honestly I've never even seen mention of a solarium on an NCL ship but I guess it could be there in the spa somewhere. The pool size is odd I agree, quite what they were thinking is beyond me... my only conclusion is they conducted a myriad of focus groups with their target demographic minus kids and the answer came back "pool, nah, not inter
  8. ...but, but, but I don't want to get vaccinated or wear a mask and I nonetheless demand to stand on property owned by NCL... rolls eyes 🙂 Great news indeed.
  9. Well there's a thing, the CDC are slowly winding back restrictions as situations improve/stabilize, whodathunkit... Yes its slow, yes it isn't always logical... yes it's like any other government department I ever met. Good news is, it's good news, likelihood is we take two steps forward, one back and so forth; such is the very nature of the human condition.
  10. Yes, that is the very point... to protect other people but I see that doesn’t really matter to you. Alternatives that are quite popular among responsible people are Kleenex or subsequently washed hands.
  11. ‘An abundance of caution’ I guess but it seems most feel it will become unnecessary if high vaccination rates can be achieved. The breakthrough argument is down in the noise, issue may become more real if we see new variants transmitted that are not currently covered by vaccines... and new variants emerge when you have high levels of transmission which is alas still the case somewhat in the US and certainly in many other parts of the world. Seems to me we’re gonna end up with annual boosters that like the flu shot make an educated guess at what will flare up next. The thing that rears it head
  12. Yep West... we always find it a touch warmer at the time of year and Little French Key is sweet.
  13. Yup, just did the same here so the offer is still alive into May at least.
  14. Well c'mon... the snacks are delivered around 3-4pm like clockwork, how long they then wait for one to eat them is not within the control of the snack. The pool thing does seem to be somewhat calendar dependent... it's always been quiet/mostly empty outside of school holidays for us, YMMV.
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