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  1. If as you post may imply, you can afford a balcony on Jewel but perhaps not on Bliss I would say Jewel... because a balcony is a real treat, especially for a honeymoon and watching Alaska slide by from a balcony is hard to beat, you're likely to spot whales and other wildlife, not too mention the scenery. (Take binoculars). Saving some cash there and adding some adventurous excursions, maybe a scenic flight... no brainer.
  2. Yup a big thank you from me!!! Will be on this cruise in August 🙂
  3. This... they will give you 25% of the difference ONCE... so you have to decide precisely when you choose to blink. 🙂
  4. Yup, I've saved about $3000 on a Haven OS Alaska cruise just by booking (the cabin I want) early and then grabbing price reductions as they appeared online, which was 3-4 times.
  5. Yup, we book Haven from the get-go, 'cos we like specific cabins and I'm genetically unlucky so don't leave things to chance. That said I watch like a hawk for and take price reductions all the way to the line...
  6. Nope, works as you describe though NCL does also insist you block out any account numbers. They typically reply in 2-3 days. Once on board your OBC essentially goes toward settlement of your final bill, so spend as you desire; I've never been told "oh no you can't buy xyz with your money sir", but it probably just washes out over various meals/drinks etc.
  7. Take home booze (checked bag)... NCL keeps me in JW Blue and Hennessy XO.
  8. Ooof, not my cup of tea either... sad. My desire to sail on an NCL mega-ship has declined to zero. Not to say that there aren't drunks on the Jewels either but at least the numbers help the odds. Seems like drunken/obnoxious behavior is the emerging theme for the summer of 2019.
  9. Nope - above their pay grade... They call you up randomly when their rent is due and try to sell you cruises you don't want but are a 'great offer'. I cannot discern that they can do a single thing that you cannot do on the website for yourself.
  10. Some are in love with their PCC, I (and many) find them to be a redundant parasitic annoyance that are difficult to get rid of even with IV Vancomycin.
  11. We've only ever been escorted to Moderno upon embarkation (Jewels) and handed our dinner reservations with the question "would you like to change any?" If you answer "yes" they then suck their teeth and say "ohhh errrr, that might be difficult, it's very busy you know" at which point one wonders why they bothered asking in the first place. Then escorted to Cagney's for lunch and that's it.
  12. Maybe we're just all getting old... remembering the good old days of a quiet-zone totally free open sundeck at the front of the Jewels etc. Younger cruisers will jump on Encore for the first time and know no better as they breathe a sign of relief that the ship isn't full of those grumpy old people... 😃 Then they'll look up at the Haven and say "I wanna be up there"... and NCL will have succeeded in its cunning plan.
  13. ...plus getting to Europe probably pushes the cost close anyway?
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