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  1. We have done it in 2 days. If we are in no hurry, will do it in 3.5 to 4 days.
  2. Will have no issue driving to Galveston, staying in hotels, and eating in restaurants. But coming from Canada we can’t do that until they open the border and remove the mandatory 14 day quarantine upon return.
  3. Out of curiosity, were there any changes identified for August cruises? Do we expect pools to be open? Lido buffet to be operational? Gyms and standard activities still operating. We are thinking about a cruise when sailing begins but not sure what cruising will look like.
  4. I think it is very much a preference thing. I would take Carnival’s food and entertainment any day over NCL. I found dinner in NCL’s dining room to be lacking and left thinking that if I sailed NCL again I would opt to pay for the additional restaurants each night. But to each their own. Kids have always loved Carnival cruises but they didn’t sail with me on NCL so I can’t compare from that perspective.
  5. Can always take that risk if you’re not picky. But we have had the experience of waiting to book on board and not being able to get a table at the time we wanted. And we did try to book on embarkation day but there were not many times left.
  6. We also used the Lido for any games...lots of others playing various board games too. But always after 9pm to avoid the dining hours as best we could.
  7. Just went through this the other day. 7 of us want to go to the steakhouse. Called Carnival to see if there was a way to link reservations so we could be seated together, but everyone pay their own way. The said not possible -- one person had to do the booking (and pay) for all. It's not a deal breaker but you'd think there would be another way to do it.
  8. For those who have been, do you recall anyone set up for massages on the beach?
  9. If I were to book a massage or similar service, would that give me access to the spa pool and loungers? Or are those areas reserved for those with spa cabins and pass holders?
  10. While we haven’t done one on Carnival we have done a 3 night cruise on another line. Won’t do that again. It definitely did have the booze cruise feel..and it was everywhere. Once and done...it wasn’t for us so we stick to 7 day or longer.
  11. I’m just wondering if it was scheduled on the same night as “formal night” in the dining room...
  12. If you have done the Chefs Table on the Magic in the last while, would love to hear about your experience. Would also like to learn which day is was scheduled...port day? Sea day? Formal night?
  13. Just want to echo the folks who have reported great care and customer service while on-board. My mother had an accident the first night while starting a back-to-back. The care was great, and the monitoring/follow-up was even better. The environment may not have been pretty but that’s not why they went there.
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