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  1. Congratulations to Bob and Betsey! We enjoyed meeting you during our segment, and we wish you a lifetime of health and happiness. Lisa, thanks so much for posting these wonderful pictures. Gail and Alan
  2. So sorry to hear this news. Glad he has you and Betsey. Please tell him many of his online friends are pulling for him.
  3. Our cruise ship had an overnight in Safaga. We contacted Haitham Masoud, the Tour Operator for Ramasside Tours. He proposed a two day itinerary with the option to be flexible. All the admissions and the hotel were included. We opted for a 5 star hotel and it was still very reasonable. We were very glad we decided to stay overnight. We avoided 6 hours on a bus two days in a row, and we were able to start very early in the morning before it got oppressively hot. Ibrahim, or guide, was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything in great detail. He also answered our questions about life in Egypt today. On the first day, we went to the Karnack Temple, had lunch, and went to the Luxor Temple. That evening we went to the Sound and Light show at the Karnack Temple (offered as an optional extra). The next morning we went to the Valley of the Kings and the Hatshepsut Temple. We opted to skip lunch and head back to the ship. Others have given detailed descriptions of the sights and posted beautiful pictures. I highly recommend Ramasside Tours. We appreciated the opportunity to be flexible and go at our own pace. We were there in mid May and it was oppressively hot. In the afternoon, it "felt like 112". The restaurant we went to the first day was not air conditioned where we were initially seated, and on the second day, the air conditioning was not working in the restaurant. They offered to try someplace else but we opted to return early. I mention this because it would be helpful to check in advance. I also suggest checking in advance about whether the hotel has USB ports or adapters, or being sure you bring the correct one with you if you want to charge devices. Despite the heat, this was an amzing once in a lifetime experience for us.
  4. Bob, we were on the Dubai to Rome segment. I recognized you from your posts and introduced myself. I lived in Flushing many years ago. I am so glad to hear that you are doing so well. We wish you a quick and easy recovery and look forward t seeing your posts again soon. Gail and Alan
  5. Assif and Tali, I am so very sorry this happened to you. I can't locate your original post to reply to. We are in Dubai sightseeing for a few days before we embark on Monday. Today, we went to Abu Dhabi and there were signs all over saying "Year of Tolerance". I asked our guide what that referred to and he said last year was a celebration year related to welcoming mosques and temples. I kept thinking of your experience. I think you said that you are going to reboard in Haifa. I hope to meet you in person. And Bob, I was thinking of your post and I didn't buy a thing. I applaud your effort to make an impact. Gail
  6. Lisa, we board in May and thanks to you, Bob, and others, I feel like I "know" some of you. I am enjoying seeing pictures of where I have been as well as places I hope to go. Thanks for all your effort and for providing lots of good information. Gail
  7. Assaf, your photos are amazing! I looked on your FB page and saw that you are a photographer. I particularly enjoyed these as we will be in Japan in October. A basic question- to follow you on FB, do I send a friend request or is there another way to do it? Thanks. And thanks to all of you who are posting. I've been wondering what you do with so many great photos. Do you make albums when you get home or do they sit on your computer?
  8. Does anyone have experience entering Dubai from a flight with prescription medication? There are lists of what is controlled and prohibited. I have read that there must be a prescription and a note from someone in authority, but I'm not clear who that is. Is medicine in the bottle and a note from a doctor sufficient? We tried contacting the AEU consulate but did get our questions answered. Thanks.
  9. Yes, thank you Bob, Lisa, and others for all the gorgeous photos. I am enjoying traveling with you and feel like I will recognize several of you when we board in Rome.
  10. Well, I still want to get up there. Just not sure how far up and what time of day it will happen. Thanks.
  11. That's interesting about the boring view- not what I was expecting.
  12. I understand. I haven't made any decisions yet. Also, wasn't implying that anyone should go to the top- just trying to give people info for their decisions.
  13. Sounds like a good plan. One thing I found in my research is that the more expensive tickets give you access to the higher floors, in addition to skipping the lines.
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