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  1. Yes, we are on this cruise. I plan to book with Woodwind. They had space a week or so. I'm hoping they still do. If not I'll book through the ship.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. Looks like Bonaire it is. We're booking with woodwind for trip where they take you out on a catamaran with a guide. You can snorkel, swim or stay on the boat.
  3. I've only snorkeled once and I'm trying to get my partner to give it a try. We are doing a 20 day NYC to San Fran in January. Caribbean stops are Bonaire and Aruba. I've heard good things about Woodwind in Bonaire. Which port to you recommend for newbies? There are very conflicting reviews of the conditions of the sites in Bonaire on line. I want my partner to like snorkeling so I want his first experience to be a good one. Thanks Michael B
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