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  1. You just need more info from solo cruisers, remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Think of the positives; you're free to do what you want, when you want, without someone else whining, or you having to acquiesce {{{boom!}}}. A three time family cruiser, I booked my first solo - an aft concierge cabin on Celebrity Solstice to Alaska. Wow, just wow! First of all, I literally was treated like royalty by staff (some extra attention for a solo?). Anytime I was unsure or turned around, there was always someone, a passenger, or staffer, to offer assistance. There was never a lack for company if I wanted it, with myriad invitations to join others...with so many friendly and helpful people, being solo might even have been a benefit. Booking anytime seating worked great, every MDR meal was a choice: my solo table by the window, or to be seated with others...both perfect for the mood. I never felt like an "outsider" on port trips, and enjoyed all three. One of the highlights: A young, handsome gentleman staffer that befriended me walked me to my table for dinner one evening. The looks on the two ladies (my age, 60-70) faces at the next table was priceless; one said "Well, la de dah." (That alone made every penny of the solo worth it.) The key to my wonderful cruise? Cruise Critic. From the ship Roll Call to all the tips and advice, priceless! It's how I chose 3 awesome port adventures, knew what to pack and what not to, and learned lots of ins and outs that made the whole experience memorable. Channel that trepidation into excitement, it will probably be your best cruise; you'll be glad you didn't cancel.
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