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  1. Thanks. How about an unopened bottle of wine that we carried on from Vancouver?
  2. I’m disembarking in 2 days at Seward and renting a car to go in land myself. Anyone know if I’m allowed to grab a few pastries to go? Or is there a customs that makes you declare that and takes it away?
  3. I know I have seen a list of which specific dock in each port a ship was going to but can’t seem to find it now. I’m on Westerdam right now and we are headed to Skagway. I wanted to see which dock we are going to be at. Any help appreciated.
  4. I leave on my cruise tomorrow with a depart time at 3 from Vancouver headed to AK. How early can I drop off my bags and walk around downtown Vancouver?
  5. Anybody know if casino chips or OBC are refundable before I board. I know I would lose the $100 Amex credit but just wondering in case I change my mind.
  6. Where do you get the Casino Chips? I logged into my HAL account and can't find Casino chips.
  7. Think at that point it would just be easier buy $500 in casino chips on the AMEX and cash out as a previous poster mentioned.
  8. If it’s refunded to the CC couldn’t AMEX take back their credit?
  9. Thanks for feedback! You guys had me leaning one way, then the other way and I think i'm once again stuck in the middle. 4.5 hrs in a train seems like a long time. But it's the only way to get to Bennett lake!
  10. Not a bad idea. Thought about that but I don’t know if I want that much cash to carry around. But for $100 it’s worth it!
  11. If I buy $500 of on board credit and use $10 will I get $490 back? Sorry to write that like a math question.
  12. Any insight on Chilkoot Tours Bennett Lake Tour vs. the Yukon Rail/Bus. They are around the same length and price and both go to Emerald Lake. The Bennett Lake one spends more time on a train vs a Bus. I'm torn so any small tidbits would help!
  13. Bengalfang

    Ship tenders

    How do I know if I will need to tender at each POC. I’m on Westerdam leaving Vancouver Aug 11th. Headed to Ketchikan, Skagway, and Juneau.
  14. So I read another thread about the mixology and beer tastings HAL does on sea days. I’m a bit worried I’ll get bored on the 3 sea days of my 7 day Alaska cruise. What other activities will the Westerdam have on a NB cruise to Alaska?
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