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  1. My experience as well. No cash, no card, until we boarded. 10/26/2014 Magic. Carnival staff told us we had 24 hours after boarding to go to GS, and could use our S&S card until then We only purchased two drinks with our S&S cards before we went to GS, had no problem doing so. An additional comment, glad for the bartenders that they now require guests to pay gratuities with the Cheers program. JMHO. :eek:
  2. My experience is the same as several previous posters. Frequent a couple of bartenders, tip $1 per drink, with little exception my drinks were "over-poured". Still seeing mixed information regarding gratuities with the Cheers program tho. Tips were NOT included on the 10/26/2014 sailing of the Magic. The bartenders I spoke with we're not happy about it. YMMV.
  3. To the OP, did you happen to see Moses, or the Pope? Moses was my DH and the Pope with him was a great photo op! :)
  4. On the Magic a week ago, they had plush Seuss characters and books. Also had Seuss characters to pose with for photos throughout the cruise.
  5. This policy (no drink over $10.00 qualifies) is stated on the Carnival website. It was also told to us at time of purchasing the Cheers package. BTW, we were not allowed to purchase the package until nearly 24 hours after sailing. And gratuities were NOT included. (This was the 10/26/14 Magic sailing - 7 days)
  6. Bar at/near aft pool. My HO. Have fun!
  7. Just off the Magic, debarked 11/02. Cheers price was $49.95 per adult in cabin, per day, GRATUITIES NOT INCLUDED. Once DH and I presented ourselves together, no bartender refused to serve a drink for each of us when only one was present, as long as we provided both cards and signed both receipts. BTW, we tipped $1 per drink, and voila! Over pouring was the norm. :D
  8. Yes...but if you only want one sandwich, or more bacon and/or cheese, get them from Lido at breakfast, store in your mini-fridge. Order the turkey sandwich from room service, add your bacon etc. Yummy late night snack! :)
  9. You can also get a banana split in the MDR (it is on the children's menu, available for adults too.). Yum!
  10. I am happy to hear the latest reports about the Magic; she sailed out of Galveston today!
  11. Sorry, should have typed carnival.com... look at FAQs re: beverage and liquor policy. The stated policy for the Cheers program includes info on drinks in souvenir glasses (no) and who in each cabin must purchase if anyone does (everyone 21 and older). Last time I checked, anyway. Lots of other info too Happy cruising, all! :)
  12. Once again, CC comes through! I do believe we will take that beach advice. All replies greatly appreciated.:).
  13. Thank you! Can you remember the beach's name? Do you know what amenities are available, and if there is a fee to use the beach? Also, are on the beach massages available?
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