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    El Cielo

    We went to El Cielo with https://cozumelcruiseexcursions.com/cozumel/cozumel-private-deluxe-boat-tour/ perfect boat for our family and El Cielo is incredible!
  2. Check out Goff's Caye as its a great trip for all ages. Beautiful boat ride to a small island with a gorgeous beach with snorkeling option https://belizecruiseexcursions.com/excursion/sun-kissed-goffs-caye-beach-snorkeling-belize/ . I think kids 3 and under are free Cool little bar with barbecue on the island too and it was so pretty.
  3. We loved our tour in Cabo too!!! Ours was a private trip on a beautiful sailboat https://cabosanlucascruiseexcursions.com/excursions/private-whale-watching-and-coastal-sailing-charter/ . Highly recommend them! We saw whales and even had a couple dolphins swim along side us for a while.
  4. TMR2

    Freeport Beaches

    We did an all inclusive, food drinks and gorgeous beach https://bahamascruiseexcursions.com/excursions/freeport-resort-day-pass/
  5. We did this one from Falmouth, its the Royalton and loved it https://jamaicacruiseexcursions.com/excursions/falmouth-resort-beach-break/
  6. We did an amazing jeep tour with Cozumel Cruise Excursions . COM https://cozumelcruiseexcursions.com/cozumel/cozumel-jeep-adventure-excursion/ . I would definitely recommend it!
  7. We've done the Chachhoben Ruins, Butterflies and beach with https://costamayacruiseexcursions.com/ . Definitely a great tour
  8. When we go to port it was chaos with people trying to sell you stuff everywhere. I am not sure what kind of boat or tour you would get if you do it last minute. Its easier to book ahead and know that you have a good tour waiting for you and with a company with great reviews. At least for us its better
  9. Yes and YES! We have done this twice now. You can't beat it for location and service. I just read this review for it the other day and it says it best https://familytravelsonabudget.com/cruising/7-reasons-why-a-hilton-day-pass-is-one-of-the-best-excursions-in-nassau/
  10. Try the Buccaneer Catamaran. I think its great for young kids as its really stable, safe and bathrooms onboard which is helpful with kids. Also kids 3 and under are free https://grandcaymancruiseexcursions.com/excursion/cayman-stingray-city-catamaran-snorkeling-sailing-excursion/
  11. Goff's Caye is amazing as well. You go on a boat ride out through some cayes(small islands) to Goffs Caye which has great snorkeling and a really nice beach https://belizecruiseexcursions.com/excursion/sun-kissed-goffs-caye-beach-snorkeling-belize/ They have a little shack for food and drinks and bathrooms and really nothing more than palm trees and sand. We loved it ! You can snorkel from shore as well.
  12. Yes I agree https://cozumelcruiseexcursions.com/cozumel/cozumel-jeep-adventure-excursion/ is a great jeep tour and we had the option of standard or automatic
  13. They have both automatic and standard. I asked when I booked. It is a really fun tour, you can't go wrong with this one
  14. We did an amazing whale watching tour in Cabo last February and saw many whales. I know there is a whale watching season and there are many in the area. As they told us, there in no guarantee but we saw many. We booked ours with https://cabosanlucascruiseexcursions.com/ we will definitely do this again!
  15. We've used Island Marketing https://belizecruiseexcursions.com/ and had amazing tours. Lamanai was amazing
  16. TMR2

    Ruins private tours

    Have you checked with https://belizecruiseexcursions.com/ ? We did Lamanai with them and we loved this tour!!!
  17. We've used Island Marketing https://cozumelcruiseexcursions.com/ for many tours in cozumel and other ports. Definitly recommend them for good prices and great tours
  18. Have you looked at doing a private tour? https://grandcaymancruiseexcursions.com/stingraycitycharters/ I think it would be easier and they'd be able to assist you more if need be.
  19. TMR2

    Best beach?

    thanks, hopefully away from the busy areas as I've heard it can be really packed when a few ships are in port
  20. Who are you booking with? If you haven't booked already, check with https://cabosanlucascruiseexcursions.com/excursions/private-whale-watching-and-coastal-sailing-charter/ as we had such an incredible experience
  21. Just and FYI, not all companies are like that. We've used https://belizecruiseexcursions.com/ in belize and they offer tours in other ports. We booked a private stingray city tour and our ship missed Grand Cayman due to rough seas and we were refunded
  22. TMR2

    Best beach?

    The beach looks beautiful . Is it far from the port?
  23. they have live help so you can talk to them in real time
  24. Just booked this after reading a few more good reviews. Thank you!
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