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  1. Getaway is currently showing Catrina Rowntree sailing around Patagonia.
  2. Could you tell us which ship you're sailing on and where please?
  3. Every ship on every cruise line is a different experience, but the service and attention to detail is incredibly consistent across all Princess and Celebrity ships. Personally we love dressing for dinner and being served beautifully presented and tasty food in the MDR and specialty restaurants, and the enormous choice of meals and salads in the buffet. Depending which Oceania ship you sail on you may want to hurry back to Princess as fast as you can 🤣
  4. We have just disembarked from our first Oceania cruise after many years cruising on 'mass market' lines such as Celebrity and Princess. We found the Oceania excursions to be a mixed bag, everything from excellent to a complete waste of time and money. In other words, similar pot luck to any cruise line shore excursions. Most buses were full and there were multiple buses for the excursions we chose.
  5. Thanks for posting this Ruth. It's a good warning for future travellers.
  6. No germy hands and included wifi sure do make the food taste better 🤣
  7. I will say this.....you small group of Oceania cheerleaders are good. You manage to railroad every negative comment no matter how mild. How much does Oceania pay you?
  8. We phoned our insurance company to check on 'clauses'. If our house burnt down or was damaged we 'would most probably'' be eligible for assistance to cancel flights and/or cruise but, there was no cancellation cover if we chose to stay and defend.
  9. At least you can get a cold Tiger Beer 😎
  10. Escargots looked nothing like that two nights ago on Nautica. We were served little shrivelled things swimming beside a shell shaped puff pastry.
  11. Thank you for your honesty and indirect support of others here who dare to point out issues with food on Oceania.
  12. It would appear there was a major turn over of crew at commencement of our cruise following relocation to the Southern Hemisphere. This has impacted across the ship but particularly in food preparation, stores and service, everything from the GDR to Room Service has been affected. Please note well, this is not criticism or complaint. Just fact. Now please continue to attack me. We are taking on board all your personal criticisms and will endeavour to correct our dreadful appreciation of Oceania's fine cuisine and service, so please feel free to continue.
  13. I'm not trying to ve difficult but do you really think you've just described the best food at sea?
  14. A meal served hot would be nice.
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