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  1. Last time we done it by train. Walked to station and it was all very simple. Buy ticket at station and off you go! We went right to end and worked our way back, others appeared to be doing it the other way round but we had a fab day! Beautiful views from all villages. Enjoy.
  2. We done the journey from Carlisle last March, it was absolutely perfect. We were picked up at 6am, and there were ample stops for breakfast etc. Comfort breaks and other pick ups too. My parents travelled with us, mum walks with a stick and she managed journey fine too. They are luxury coaches so nothing to worry about. My brother also done the journey from Carlisle with 2 kids aged 9 and 13 in October with no problems, he too was concerned aboug it but they have rebooked for October this year as it is quite a nice part of holiday to relax and watch the world go by!
  3. I used it last year for a Caribbean cruise and there were lots of active posters. I learnt lots as it was our 1st time, looking for roll call for our next cruise and there is none. So I think it just depends if/who is going [emoji108][emoji7] Hope that makes sense. I found it very useful! Sent from my SM-G920F using Forums mobile app
  4. We were on Azura in December and still had the Lipstick and Fried pre-deserts. We also had Chateaubriand although we had to return 2nd week to get it as we got the menu mixed up [emoji23] nice mistake to make really as its Fab! Sent from my SM-G920F using Forums mobile app
  5. We have used Norwegian Jade and have since been on Ventura and Azura. In no way are we pros at this but I enjoyed both P&O and NCL. We enjoy formal nights but did like the relaxed atmosphere on Jade, we felt a bit over dressed on more than on occassion on NCL. It didn't bother us but may bother some. I think the only rule was trousers for men at night. From memory all drinks under 11dollars each were included in the drinks package which pretty much included everything. No bookings required for dinner etc on either, we turned up when we wanted and could choose a table on our own or to join others. Like previously stated NCL had alot of Americans. Not a problem ! We thought in comparison the NCL trips appeared more expensive, we chose to do our own thing. Staff very good on both. My final decision would start with itinerary. I wouldn't hesitate to return to any of the 3 if the Itinerary suited us [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G920F using Forums mobile app
  6. I would say if you are happy in it then why not! Maybe different accessories to give it a diffetent look if you wanted, but to be honest I doubt anyone would even notice! Whatever you do, Enjoy! Sent from my SM-G920F using Forums mobile app
  7. Just back today with a couple of bites, and we used repellant. I would recommend going prepared, it's not worth it! Sent from my SM-G920F using Forums mobile app
  8. We too had this on 4/5 nights out of 7 [emoji1] suppose I can't really comment on the others!
  9. We were on Ventura in March and thoroughly enjoyed it, I would imagine next year after refurb it will be great. Very much looking forward to Azura in the Caribbean in December, it is good to hear some positives 😂👍
  10. We too are doing first Caribbean cruise in December. I have joined the roll call and asked the same there. We have had some fantastic advice through it! :)
  11. Bingo prize sounds good Florry 😘 on Ventura in March and the prize on final bingo day was over £1000. On NCL 2 years ago there was a fortnights cruise for 2ppl in a lucky draw, only remember this because we were down to last 4 standing 😣😂
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