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  1. Some people don't recognize sarcasm. It is so fun.
  2. I like the slanted hang. It makes more of a fashion statement.
  3. I agree with Dominica and the champagne dive. Also, independent sting rays on Cayman (Capt. Bryan), snorkeling with turtles on St. Thomas (Island Girl- Capt. Mike), Costa Rica white water rafting and the zip line in St. Lucia is great!
  4. I am not surprised. I even took pictures because I could not believe how narrow the channel is!! There is a small "island" on the outer side that I swear I think you could throw a rock to.
  5. These pictures are great, and convince me once again that I have no desire to sail on anything larger than a Carnival conquest class.
  6. I am amazed that someone would cancel a cruise because of this. Do you not realize how many cruises operate every day without a hitch. I am also amazed at how many have so little tolerance for adverse conditions.
  7. VERY little noise, and it is a gentle vibration unless docking. It feels like HEAVEN to me!!!
  8. Find someone to share!!! The fee is per cab and it is $60.00, and some drivers charge extra for staying longer than they allow. We gave up our day there because with two people it was going to be too expensive!!
  9. I know you are up on all the latest info. If there are two platinum guests in one cabin, do we both get a plate of strawberries?
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