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  1. We just got back from a short cruise on the Carnival Fantasy. It was the first time we'd tried out open seating. Not only did we never have to wait, they made every effort to put us with the same waitstaff every evening. We sailed with another couple, and we were always seated at a 6-top. It was wonderful. Waiters always had our favorite drinks anticipated, and not only served our meals, they suggested we try several different things each course. I've been on 5 cruises, and we've had some "strange" tablemates - most of them humorous in a weird kind of way - but I prefer not taking the gamble of stilted conversation with people I have nothing in common with. An outgoing person, I would rather make friends in other areas of the ship than have one of the highlights of my day being strained and awkward.
  2. Here, here!!! As a "semi-reformed" cougar I can assure you that "desperate" was never an adjective ascribed to me. (I say semi-reformed because one of my younger men - 5 years younger - managed to capture and marry me this year! lol) I am currently 42, look 32, and have an energy level and exuberant personality men my age could rarely keep up with. I dated younger men because I like them and am still attractive - no other reason necessary! When I was on a cruise as a single 2 years ago, I met up with a bunch of hilarious middle-aged women who called themselves the "Cougar Club." They were having the time of their lives, hanging out in a cheerful group. They decided to induct me as a cougar "cub" and we had a fantastic time. Not one fight broke out over an available younger man. :p To each his/her own. I bet this bunch would be a blast to cruise with...and there are plenty of young men who would jump at the chance to sail with them! Watch those stereotypes, people. P.S. Here is a photo of me (age 41) in my only animal print dress...taken with Zach of the band, Shinedown, a year ago (and NO, he wasn't one of the younger guys I was dating - lol). I highly doubt the word "geezer" was running through his mind. hahahaha Rawr..... :D
  3. That's correct, just a PokerPro table. We got off the Fantasy yesterday and other than the first day when they had a $30 buy-in tournament, we never saw a single person playing Hold'em. We were super disappointed. I sat at the table several times with a drink, hoping someone would come over and play, but no one ever did. I think the main difference between the full table on the Glory and the empty table on the Fantasy was placement of the table. On the Glory, it was near the entrance of the casino. Every time you walked past on the Promenade, you could see the table/players. On the Fantasy, it was in the middle of the casino and you had to make a special trip through to see if anyone was seated. Actually, it seemed the whole casino was kind of dead on this cruise. Oh, well...
  4. We sailed on the Carnival Glory in May and played poker all week. We were told two things about Hold'em...that the rake was so high on PokerPro because they had to send a percentage of the money to the manufacturers of PokerPro...and they said they no longer offered live dealers for Hold'em because there were frequently fights (verbal and physical) between players. One word of warning: it is STRONGLY recommended that you use your Sail and Sign card to put money in your poker account. My husband and I loaded $100 each in cash into our poker accounts the first day, then used that money for our buy-ins. There was a lot of confusion between the cashiers and other casino staff as to how to fund the separate poker account. When we checked our Sail and Sign account balance at the end of our cruise they'd CHARGED us $100 each on our account, even though we'd loaded the money in cash. We met with the casino manager, got routed to several customer service agents, etc., for months and they never gave us our $200 back. :mad: The computers crashed a couple times, too, and a couple passengers lost funds. PAY ATTENTION to your chip balance and report anything suspicious IMMEDIATELY. On the plus side, we were amongst the core "regulars" at the table and had a great time with the other players, many of whom we got to know pretty well over the course of the week. We were even invited to stay at a fellow passenger's home in Hawaii! All in all, we ended up paying for nearly all our cruise expenses at the Hold'em table (despite the $200 loss), and had a wonderful time in the process! Even if you are used to playing "live" poker, you get used to the machine quickly, and seeing a lot more hands makes the game more fun.
  5. I don't know how I was so slow on the draw in finding this thread! Congratulations! You looked stunning and I loved your dress. The TTD pix helped a lot. We plan to do that. So excited that we are 6 days away. Anyway, I look forward to seeing your professional photos. Best wishes to you both! :p
  6. That would be great! My fiance wants to see them and I haven't sailed on the Glory in the last 4 1/2 years. deborah_busby@yahoo.com THANKS!
  7. Sorry, I found the answer on the internet. They are on Atlantic Standard Time, which is one hour ahead of Eastern time. However, since they don't observe daylight savings time they are the same as Eastern time. Thanks anyway!
  8. We are sailing on the Glory in less than three weeks. I need to know if the ship/island time will be the same on May 12th. I think it might be because of daylight savings time, but since we're getting married there it is critical I know for sure. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  9. Hey, esbie11, hope you will do a nice write-up of your wedding when you get back, complete with photos. You're even closer to The Day than I am. Are you as excited/terrified as I am? lol GOOD LUCK!
  10. My first cruise was on the Carnival Glory. I'd made several new friends, including a lovely British couple. We all went out to the nightclub one night to dance. After about 30 minutes, the DJ called the woman to the middle of the dance floor by herself. Her boyfriend had given him a CD with "their" song. He met her in the middle of the floor and got down on one knee in front of hundreds, asking her to marry him. She said yes, cried, and they dance the rest of the song in the spotlight. It was incredibly touching! I never forgot this, nor the look of pure love and happiness on her face. She will definitely never forget that night!
  11. hahaha That's a COMPLETE relief to me! Thanks for letting me know. I feel sure it will be awesome. :p
  12. The last time I went to St. Thomas, I saw a huge amount of people in the post office mailing back packages of the items they purchased in port. I suppose that's to overshoot the duty-free, per person allowance? We're getting married on St. Thomas and doing our reception at home a few weeks later. We'd like to buy liquor for the party on the island and mail it back. Anyone done this? If so, please share any tips (i.e., do the stores pack for shipment?). Thanks!
  13. Well, after having a VERY tough time deciding, we chose Island Bliss to coordinate our wedding on St. Thomas. It was SO close between Janelle and Leslie of Perfect Weddings. What finally swayed the decision were all of the wonderful reviews of Stuart Scott doing the actual ceremony and all the photos Janelle has links to on her site. I knew I could send her examples of the bouquet, arch, etc., that she had done on previous weddings to show her what I wanted when we got there in May. It also turned out to be about 15% less than Perfect Weddings, but had I felt there was a difference in service I wouldn't have hesitated to spend the extra money. I believe either planner would have been wonderful and look forward to everyone telling us how they did on the island! :p
  14. Thanks, esbie11. I look forward to hearing of your experience. I'm picking a planner today and it's come down to Island Bliss and Perfect Weddings... Having my fiance compare sites as I am stumped, but leaning towards Leslie. GOOD LUCK!!!
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