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  1. I know for a fact that Carnival did make an exception one time with a doctors excuse. Took an act of congress but it did happen.
  2. The notices will come from your Travel Agent if you booked through one, your PVP if you booked that way, or straight to you from Carnival if you booked through the webpage. I am not sure how it would be if you got it through Costco or Expidea. I know this because I am a TA and get the notices when it happens and it says to let our client know. And yes, you will get one each time they change the port, order of ports, or time in ports. If you did not get the notice from your PCP/TA then I would call and ask them about it.
  3. Does the Carnival Miracle have the digital photo program whereyou can see , purchase, and download your photos with the HUB app? The last few cruises I have sailed have had that and it spoiled me.
  4. I was given a $50 Cruise Cash Bar as a gift for my cruise in January. Can it only be used in the bar, or can I use it at the coffee bar for specialty coffee, Milk Shake, or stuff from there? (I am not a big drinker because of medicine, but do like my coffee and milk shakes. LOL.
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