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  1. During a January 2019 sailing on Liberty we had a server named Amine, from Tunisia. He was awesome. I usually just want to get in and out of the MDR as I don't like trying to keep our (at the time) 3 year old daughter under control and not annoying everyone else. He was great with her - She'll sit and not eat, Amine noticed this and would come over and cut up her chicken strips and feed them to her in a fun way, which allowed my wife and I the time to enjoy our own dinners. He also created all sorts of different dessert concoctions for her, a new one each night. He knew our favorite dishe
  2. I agree. I think it's pretty short-sighted to delay this project due to the current situation. This will not last for the long term, definitely not through the projected end of construction.
  3. Just checked and for our March 1st sailing on LOS it's still sold out for all the balconies and suites, only interior rooms remain. Been that way for a couple months now, it seems.
  4. I didn't realize Begnaud had already done a follow up on his original report/interview. I watch CBS quite a bit - they definitely teased the original interview with the GF quite a bit but I guess it shouldn't surprise me that they likely tucked a correction/update into a larger segment since it wasn't nearly as salacious.
  5. I'm waiting for CBS and David Begnaud to do their follow up interview with the GF after the first one where he's weeping about being color blind; show him the video clips right there while he's on the CBS camera and ask him to explain what he's seeing and describe what he was doing. My guess is I'll be waiting a while for that.
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