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  1. the answers we are getting are not helping much now are they ? From the you tube videos I watched - it wasn't a covered area - kind of concerned about it because I would rather be outside than at churchills
  2. I search on topic for smoking areas on Coral and didnt get any info - Anyone know ?
  3. We have a half day and full day before our cruise in December and are booked there and the distance to Catalina Express is .7 miles - according to Hotel Maya when I called there is actually a walkway so you dont have to worry about traffic. We are going to Catalina for the day. We also are planning an afternoon/evening at the Queen Mary - I already booked dinner reservations - that too is only a .7 mile walk - has side walks -
  4. I would like to know the answer to this as well -
  5. jisduit


    looking at Google maps there is a 7-11 very close - on Bishop I think - we pass when going to bus stop - planned on stopping for sodas myself on way back to ship
  6. Sorry but HAL gets my vote - my first princess cruise was a disaster - I think HAL spoiled me
  7. OK - I really did try to search the forum and alway went to advance search and said nothing matched - Wondering will anything be open Christmas day - its my understanding State Parks will be closed - but then there are excursions there ? I cruise a lot at Christmas time but Christmas day has always been a sea day - first time for me having as a port day
  8. my daughter is grade 6 - She did miss a few days last Christmas time when we went to Panama - they dont even learn about the canal in school. There are alot of things that she learns during cruises as well as learning how to plan one when she gets older - This summer we are going to Japan. There are so many memories that are made ! I try and schedule around school vacations but you cant ask a cruise line to go on the schools schedule - she will also miss some time next Christmas when we go to Hawaii. I refuse to bring any school work with us - its our time
  9. I get the drink package and is 15 drink limit - I have reached my limit a few days - my preference is Jack and sprite
  10. I have been on Royal, Celebrity, Holland and will be on first prices cruise in July. Yes Holland had the best food - but all were good - yes there were items I didn't like but one of the good things - you can order something different and no server gets upset. There have also been some WOW things for me and when I asked the waiter - he was able to get for me again. Over all I am happy with all the meals - Coffee at buffet is rather week - but I suffer thru till the coffee place opens
  11. do a search for Rumrunners - those plastic things will get a lot of booze on board
  12. Packing and planning are as much fun as the cruise itself - call me OCD - I start packing 4-5 months before - have a check list - an according file for all paperwork - each port has a slot - what we are doing etc - makes the cruise less stressful - cause I have everything for every situation
  13. All I ever waned to do when finally getting home was SLEEP - as far as eating - usually either take out or a sit down rest - cant do fast food or pizza
  14. I am plain - Jack and sprite - double - even though it counts as 2 on drink package
  15. find closest smoking area - get a drink and relax - carry on next to me if daughter wants to go swimming but usually she is just exploring the ship - then watch people - after sail away (and several drinks and ciggs) is when I wipe down all surfaces and unpack - its vacation so rule #1 - NO RUSHING
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