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  1. Sailed on her last year and the cabins areas definitely require updating. The sewage smell from the bathroom pipework was also very noticeable and always present, even when it had just been cleaned. Still had a good cruise though. I do tend to prefer the smaller ships.
  2. Talk about a thread being completing ruined by the exact problem currently dividing our country at a time when we should be showing solidarity. Please do not post any more political ramblings on this thread, create your own!! God forbid getting sat next to you boring lot (non political posters exempt) at the dining table during my next cruise.😘😉
  3. I am not interested in any ones political view point, do not use this thread to air yours. Post on another forum or start your own post. This post was solely a post to discuss IONA's potential maiden voyage.
  4. Do we think the cruise in general is high profile enough for a maiden voyage?
  5. So as it currently stands, IONA's maiden voyage is on 24/10/20. Do people think this will happen?
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