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  1. Thank You all :) ... I think we'll be good as long as I can get the 13 y/o out of bed.
  2. Thank you! That actually makes sense. Hopefully it ends up being that way.
  3. Oh... forgot to mention... the excursion was listed and booked via Royal Caribbean web site.
  4. I just booked a cruise on Harmony OTS for next fall. One of the excursion choices in Roatan (Turquoise Bay Horseback Riding) is something my daughter really wants to do. The thing that worries me is that the itinerary lists the ship arriving at 7:00am in the morning. However the excursion lists the van pickup at 7:30am. So how does that work? Other than the obvious of getting up really early and heading to the exit (gangway ?), and trying to be one of the first off the ship... I'm just not sure how to plan things, or what to anticipate. Any advice would be welcome and appreciated! Thanks :)
  5. This is probably a really dumb question. However, I just finished watching a great review of a cruise on the Melody and the author of the video showed pictures of the food which looked pretty great. But having never cruised on a river cruise before (just the big Ocean Cruise Ships), is it the same policy where you could ask for a second entree at dinner if you want? I could definitely see myself wanting another serving of the lobster ravioli !! Thanks
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