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  1. I have done this many times on 7 days. Pack less.
  2. Myself and my wife got off the Breakaway in Sept 2019. Had the time of our lives. I have cruised on the Dawn. We did not like that one as much. We know this is a smaller ship. We are looking for a small trip before the holiday. I suggest giving the bigger ships a try. Had a blast
  3. Free and need close toe shoes No flip flops. Enjoy
  4. We just got off the Breakaway. I will say the Rebel was great . Staff was great, Beach was great, Soggy Dollar wonderful. Wife had 4 pain killers, I had 4 Bushwackers AKA Soggy Dog and bought a 5th for a friend. Bar tab was 98 dollars. OMG yes but had the time of my life. Wish I had more time there. Calm seas pulled up to the shore no swimming . I recommend and will go there again. Beautiful place and that was not the alcohol talking
  5. My flight to Mia from Louisville has stop in Atl 1 hour lay over. I'm coming in a day earlier. Flight home lol was at 1000pm non stop not getting home till after midnight. I called spent 1 hour and 45 min on hold but they switched it. They said that was unacceptable now it 307pm home at 520pm. So there ya go..
  6. Awesome. I tried to do this online thru delta but in didn't have the required info to do online. No confirmation number. No credit card due to NCL booked.. I only see edocs and NCL reservation confirmation. Flight time and Flight #. Still 105 days out though. Am I missing something to do this online?
  7. I too have chose to fly in the day before. I am 107 days out on my cruise. I am unable to go online to check seats or pick seats etc.. How did you handle this or am I still too far out. I have my flight number so I figure I could pick my seat. Just trying to stay on top of it Thanks for info
  8. Thank you all. Seems like about 50 days out need to be on top of it...
  9. I see my flight info.. I am flying in a day earlier with connecting flights in Alanta. My return home flight isn't until 630 pm we disembark at 0700am. Seems like a long time ?? My other issue is how do you check in for boarding pass and seats? I went to Delta website based off my Edocs. I don't have the required info EX: Confirmations #, Ticket #. I am still 108 days out. Is there anything I need to do? I see baggage will cost me 30$ for checked.. Thanks for any help..
  10. Im on Sept 22nd Cruise. The port was added but no extra charge for the port. In fact the price dropped by 200 per person and I was able to upgrade to a mid ship balcony. On top of that air fare dropped from 149 to 99 per person. So $500 savings. I just made my final payment.
  11. My favorite was a espresso martini . Very good and kept me going all night long. At least till wife said time to go to bed lol
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