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  1. JimJam39

    Britannia lifts - tips welcome

    We always aimed for deck 7 to go between stern and aft. Our cabin was aft C deck; we'd walk down the aft stairs to deck 7 then go all the way along past Sindhu and the photography bit to the atrium then go downstairs to deck 5 and carry on that way to get to the stern. Can't wait to go back on her as navigation will be so much easier. Fortunately we don't need to use the lifts so we very rarely did, we never used them during high activity periods.
  2. JimJam39

    2019/20 cruises

    Me too, Iā€™m such a happy lady today šŸ¤—šŸšŸ›³šŸ¤—
  3. JimJam39

    2019/20 cruises

    Hope Britannia is sailing the Caribbean in Dec 2019 as I have a special birthday I need to book for.
  4. Pre registration is 12th March, general release sales 21st March. I think top tier sales are released around the 19th March to book.
  5. JimJam39

    Ship shop's

    Hello, please could anyone tell me if I can buy Christian Dior hypnotic poison and Clarins beauty flash balm on Brittannia. Can I also buy aerosol spray sun lotion on the ship (do they have a Boot's shop or similar)? I'm looking to save weight on baggage allowance. Thank you.
  6. JimJam39

    Travel insurance with Barclays.

    Thank you for the advice
  7. JimJam39

    Travel insurance with Barclays.

    My partner spoke to them, they assured him it's all on there but I was just being cautious as although verbally they've stated it's included it's not listed on their generic online information. I'm presuming they will send out paperwork to confirm everything in writing but I need to pay my balance today.
  8. Just cancelled my cruise for Nov 2018 and brought it forward to Nov this year. I'm super excited but disappointed to see no roll call on here for that cruise :confused: Any members on here boarding Britannia November 10/11th, heading to the Caribbean? Also wondering if anyone has an opinion on cabin C732 :D
  9. Does anyone else have travel insurance with Barclays Bank? Partner has been assured that the travel insurance pack he's added includes cruise cover for all the specific things that could go wrong on a cruise (cancelled cruise, late disembarkation, missed ports etc), but when I look online at their general information it only mentions; winter sport, golf and business cover as additional optional extras. Need to pay my final balance today so need to know for sure if the travel insurance we have covers us.
  10. JimJam39

    NEW Room Service Menu May 2017

    I also received this email, please could you tell me where you found the extensive menu? My email didn't have an attachment with said menu.
  11. JimJam39

    Britannia cabin C731

    This is exactly why I booked a cabin at the back :) Would certainly like to hear of your experience, we don't sail until November 2018. I messaged the woman and she said she was in it on a mini cruise to Bruge and the water was choppy so I'm hoping its just that and we wont have choppy water in the Caribbean next November :D
  12. JimJam39

    Britannia cabin C731

    Thanks for the replies guys. Florry, it sounds like this may have been what happened to the poster on the other site.
  13. JimJam39

    Britannia cabin C731

    Just seen comments from a woman on a different site regarding cabin C731 on Britannia saying it was horrendous to stay in and caused her whole body to vibrate on a night. I've asked her why but had no response, could anyone think what she means by her comment? Should I be worried? I booked this cabin on select fare for Nov 2018 in the Caribbean.
  14. JimJam39

    What do we love about P&O?

    Loving this thread :)
  15. JimJam39

    Newbie tips please

    Following this thread with interest... from a fellow newbie :)