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  1. RCCL did tell people of the change.........just did not have enough time to reach out and call everyone personally and the hurricane wasn't the week before.... I remember seeing your group I think on formal night getting your picture made on the stairway---was that you? You were so beautiful as a family and very upbeat....yes you are right-------there were a bunch of trouble makers but I had fun anyway! Glad you did too....I did not get a discount but probably because we won the trip for free.
  2. I love that not one person who has posted to this thread yet was on that cruise but everyone seems to think that they have the information!!! That is funny--don't mean that comment mean it's just odd that you weren't there. I was......my first and only cruise(until November when I sail on Splendour-YEAH!) It was definitely not the most desirable turn of events. We all received about 75 onboard credit for port fees-nothing else but why would you expect anything else? RCI put the highest value on the safety of the passengers and I would expect nothing less--I had four kids to get home to. Yes, other ships went-----we talked to some of those folks who were on 7 day cruises that made the decision to go on in........they were sicker than dogs from rough seas-rained A LOT-Bermuda was not what they expected either due to the weather. They had no better cruise than we did. Canada vs Bermuda? Well, besides a 30 degree or more temp difference that no one on board was prepared for, it was a nice visit. I felt bad for the folks who were FROM canada and then re-routed home!! The people in both St John and Halifax were wonderful---I almost felt like royalty. They were so thankful for an extra cruise/profit and it showed. Both places even though foggy/rainy/cold were wonderful places to visit, rich with history. It's all what you make it..........if you were one of the idiots that ranted and raved through the whole cruise, organizing sit ins, booing the captain every time you saw him, calling news channels, etc etc then you deserved the misery you heaped on yourself and everyone around you. I for one, was ON A CRUISE and made the best of it. I slept every night on the balcony---in double layers of clothes*I bought a NY sweatshirt at the port as soon as I heard* my comforter off the bed and the ocean.....don't worry about what you can't change.
  3. Made (Ma-day) from Indonesia........absolutely fantastic on Voyager cruise to BerCanada!
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