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  1. Yes, each bag is normally $50. We found we could fit heaps in one bag and we used this service the entire cruise. The bag rate comes with a 2 day turnaround. Not sure if it is quicker if you pay by the piece but we were fine with the 2 day turnaround. We didn't select the complimentary laundry benefit so can't comment on how that works.
  2. Hi norm 2002, Just completed 17 days on Encore and one of us selected the shore excursion discount as our benefit. What happened was once you have selected this benefit when you are online looking at excursions the price you see is the discounted price. From memory you see the full asking price, with a strike through it, and underneath the discounted price that would be applicable (I think this is less 10%). So the few shore excursions we booked from home were definitely booked and paid by us at the lower rate. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks to you all for responding. Glad to hear that those handy bags are still provided.
  4. On our last cruise in the Caribbean Seabourn had rectangular tote type bags made of some fabric which were in our suite - I think they may have even zipped along the top edge. We found these extremely useful particularly for throwing stuff in to take to the pool, when on excursions etc. For those of you who have sailed recently I was wondering if Seabourn still have these in the suites.
  5. Just curious - if someone were to go online and book the OB at A$3999 (which is where the price currently sits on the Australian website) would Seabourn honour the booking at that price. I know the consumer laws here in Aust are very, very strict about merchants honouring advertised prices. Has anyone had experience where they made a booking in good faith and then were informed that the advertised price was actually an error??
  6. I have just this moment received a promotional email here from Scenic headed "Scenic Eclipse Now Sailing ..." I feel terrible for the passengers due to sail on this first voyage, I truly hope the situation improves for you all.
  7. Yes, well that would make sense SKP946. Wouldn't mind if the ship was sailing at less than capacity though.
  8. From what I understand last year the same cruise did not sail full - I think 540 or maybe 560. We are just looking forward to a cruise not far from home and with lots of sea days. All our other cruises have been port intensive - can't even remember having a sea day and also taking ages to get there (but you would know all about that coming from Melb). The time it took us to get to Bridgetown from Melb for our Carib cruise has left me scarred. We are not near qualifying for complimentary week yet but I can see your logic in wanting to offset against a pricier cruise. Hope to see you on board!!
  9. SKP946, got the same email. Yes noticed the increased OB price but all other V cats remained the same. We actually have booked a V5 a few weeks ago, as I believe the price is really good. However I wouldn't be surprised if it still comes down a bit closer to sailing. We shall see ...
  10. Pushka, I have never sailed Viking but do read these boards as friends of ours just love Viking. I feel very disappointed for your experience. It's not fun when something you look forward to does not live up to your expectations. Just wanted to chime in regarding you losing your deposit on the future cruise. That must be Viking's policy not an 'Australia wide' policy. We sail with another line and are currently booked on a cruise leaving Dec 4 this year. We have only paid a deposit which if fully refundable for any reason up to Aug 6 (4 months out). Our final payment if due Sept 5 (3 months out). So your deposit situation is due to Viking's own policies. Happy future cruising Pushka.
  11. Stickman1990, I too believe that the price will drop a little further. Lots of suites still available online. Since we have booked on this cruise Seabourn has ceased sending us any advertising, specials etc. But prior to our booking we were receiving so much from Seabourn via email but also at least twice a week by normal mail. We commented here just how much we were being bombarded.
  12. rols, this particular cruise has featured in specials emails here in Australia for a long while. Maybe because the cruise is local to us here and they are pushing it really hard down under. The current OB price is A$6499 (includes taxes, fees etc). Has been at this level since around mid May. We have had the 3 cat upgrade offer here for some time also. We booked a V5 for the price of a V2. With our booking was US$500 OBC but not internet. Just had a look at Seabourn site and heaps of suites are available. Even though we have booked, I still believe price will come down a bit more. Incidentally we still have some time with zero penalty, if we decided to cancel/rebook etc.
  13. zship, my DH loves snails (escargot). On our last Odyssey cruise he requested them for dinner. I think he requested them the day before and they were served in the MDR the following evening. He absolutely loved them.
  14. Hello everyone. Thanks for all of your input. We have now booked on this cruise. We booked a V5 as we generally prefer to choose our own suite. Just as a point of interest - immediately prior to us placing our booking there were 10 V5 suites showing as available on Deck 7 (where we wanted to be). Immediately after our booking there were still 10 suites showing. The one we selected had of course been removed and a new one was now showing as available. So at the moment there are clearly more suites available than Seabourn are showing on their website. I do believe the price will go down a little more, but we are happy at the price we have booked. Also we will be in a zero penalty stage for a while yet where we can cancel and rebook should we desire. Thecat123, thank you so much for your suggestion. Pink Beach would certainly be something that my husband would enjoy greatly and will look at booking. For me, I am not so confident in the water. From what I understand the Indonesian Government plan on closing the island to tourists for one year from January 2020. So our cruise will probably be one of the last to visit the island for some time. Hopefully we will get to meet during this cruise. Do you know if a roll call has been started?? I had a quick look but could not find one. We paid A$435 each per night for a V5 that we selected. This includes taxes etc. Plus we get the US$500 OBC. So overall very pleased and can't wait for December to roll around. Again thanks to everyone for your thoughts and opinions.
  15. Thecat123, thanks for your detailed response. We feel quite comfortable with the level the pricing is ATM for this cruise, and would happily book at the current prices. It is just when we go online, as if to book, and see the volume of suite availability (62 V cat suites showing ATM) we feel there is no downside to waiting a little. Plus being local, organising a one way airfare to Bali is not a big drama. However if I do notice a sudden uptake of available suites I will certainly then book immediately.
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