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  1. Leaving for BWI now. I’ll be on board with my unlimited package by 1pm! Presidents cruise here we come!
  2. Thanks for the info. Doesn’t seem like it should be a large issue
  3. totally understand that- will just want to minimize any delays that are unnecessary so I can get aboard ASAP!
  4. Hi All, I'm having so much trouble on RC online trying to get into my check in account and try to upload a photo. Seems like I'm frequently unable to access my check in account, and when I can- the process to upload/take a photo isn't working at all. Is this common? I know RC website is crap- but I feel it should be easier than this. Thanks for your help,
  5. i have been to Sabor on freedom. Truly a great restaurant
  6. I actually got on board and tried to tell them I wanted chops the first night.... but since they were booked they gave me the 2nd and third night. Definitely told me that it wasn't a common practice, but it was awesome that they were flexible. This was on Freedom last November. I'll probably get the BOGO for my harmony cruise next month. Just too good of a deal.
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