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  1. Honestly, I bet the reason answers are so varied on whether the thermal suite is cheaper pre-cruise or onboard has to do with how many they sell prior to the cruise. If they manage to sell a lot of packages prior to the cruise, then the special when boarding will be higher than online; whereas if they don't sell as many, then the special when boarding will be less expensive. So far, everyone I've read who purchased online but found it cheaper during boarding was able to get refunded the difference, so buying ahead of time seems to be the way to go to cover your bases.
  2. Do you know if they accept emailed copies of the documents rather than a fax? I find it strange that, in this day and age of technology, HAL (or any of the other CCL lines) will only accept faxes. Seems to me it would be much easier for them to accept scanned & emailed copies. Just my opinion, for what it's worth...
  3. Thanks, all! Upon further deliberation, I've decided to wait until I get on board. I might end up only purchasing day passes for the days I go, if available. Because the therapy pool on the Eurodam isn't very big, I'm not sure if it will be worth it to me. We'll see.
  4. Coming from the point of view of a Gen-Xer, the only benefit I see in using a TA for any travel is to save on the time it takes to research deals on hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises, etc. I'm one of those weirdos who likes doing this kind of research because it helps to build anticipation for the upcoming trip. These days, the internet makes it so easy to do everything online. The younger generation will be even more inclined to do it all themselves online because they have never known a time without the Internet. To them, having to call and speak to anyone about anything they want to spend money on is a foreign concept, while I remember the days of catalog ordering. The one thing I see TAs still being used for in the future will be for those who realize how much time it takes to research and get a good deal. I spend hours looking up information, wondering whether to book something now or wait to see if the price drops, etc. I like doing this, but as the younger generation gets older and expands their families, they are going to quickly realize how precious their time is, so they might continue to use a TA when they realize that there is someone willing to do all of the legwork for them. I also think TAs would be useful for complicated trips. If all someone is doing is visiting a resort or someplace where they are staying in one location, it is too easy to book all of that yourself without using a TA. However, if someone is planning an in-depth trip to Europe or even through the US, having someone else plan all of the logistics becomes a much better-looking option. Finally, there will always be those folks who just don't like planning anything and want to call up someone and say, "I'd like to go to France. Please plan everything for me." It isn't as common anymore, especially in my generation and younger, but they do exist. All this to say--the cruise lines already see the direction the future is heading and are trying to adapt. The TAs do too. The ones that survive will be the ones who develop some kind of niche. Those that don't adapt will go by the wayside.
  5. Quick question that is slightly off-topic: Did the PCC give you the lower fare and onboard credit after you had made final payment or was it before? I've seen some specials come through on HAL's site after I've made final payment to my TA that I've wondered if I could have gotten if I had used a PCC.
  6. So, it sounds like I could go ahead and buy it ahead of time and if there is a different price I would be credited, right? Also, I noticed when I try to purchase online that it asks for a time. Did you have that as well when you purchased it online? If so, were you obligated to use the pass only at that time every day? Thanks!
  7. Question for those who like to use the Thermal Suite and Hydrotherapy Pool: Do you generally book your pass online before the cruise or pay for it during embarkation day? Is it cheaper to wait and do it during embarkation? I'll be going on a 27 day cruise at the end of September. Right now, it is $279 for 14+ days. I've heard they are discounted during embarkation, and in the past, that is when I generally book it. Has anyone purchased this during embarkation lately, and how much was it? Thanks!
  8. Thanks, all! That's a load off my mind. 😊
  9. I know the answer to this question is probably buried in the forum somewhere but the search tool couldn't it, so I apologize if this has been answered before. I'm sailing solo for the first time in September. Will I be charged the HSC for 2 people or only for myself? The "Know Before You Go" says the daily HSC is charged "per guest, per day", but I was reading elsewhere on the boards where some solo travelers were charged for 2 people, just like we have to pay double the fare for the room. I'm just trying to make sure I'm not caught by some unknown surprise. Thanks!
  10. Mark, you would love doing a crossing. My sister and I did the QM2 from London back to New York in April. If we could, we'd still be on that ship in the middle of the Atlantic!
  11. Thanks, SilvertoGold! I do like a lot of sea days, so it sounds like it would be a better fit for me.
  12. That's what I was afraid of. There is a sailing that goes from Vancouver to Hawaii around the same time. Do you have any idea if the weather to the islands is as bad?
  13. Howdy all! I've done a lot of searching but haven't been able to find an answer on this. I'm currently scheduled to sail on the Nieu Amsterdam out of Vancouver at the end of September for 21 days, going through the Panama Canal, and ending up in Ft Lauderdale. What I want to know is how hot and humid will it be in the evenings and mornings when we are at sea? Would it be too hot and humid to use the balcony? I expect it to be warm when we dock, but it would be nice to know what it is generally like at sea. I currently live in Houston, so I can deal with some humidity, but if it is going to be like sitting in a steam room, I might change my trip. Thanks for any help you can provide!
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