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    Sept.1st Sensation cruise

    This holier than thou attitude in this country is driving me nuts. "Cant' we all just get along?" Wouldn't that be nice. Everyone now has to be mean ready to pass judgement when that know nothing about the people they are blasting. This was the first post and problely the last for those folks. The news is talking about how much gas will cost now. Should that be talked about?
  2. nashville cruisers

    Sea Miles....Lost At Sea Miles

    I got one of the card on my first cruise(Glory 2/2005) and signed up for the card.It cost $50 to transfer balance from other card. I thought was free but wasn't. I charged something from Canada and was charged a forgein fee of $10.00. I called and even though people didn't know much they did think that even if I was on a cruis and used it in Mexico I would be charged $10.00 each time. I hope that is wrong and I lodged a complaint about it. I won't be tring it out on my cruise on Ectasy next week. Just in case. I called several places to try and get my miles balance. 20,000 miles don't get but about $25-50 off and longer cruises and nothing off on some. I am NOT impressed. Don't know how involved Carnival is with them but doesn't give me a good impression of either. We will see.
  3. nashville cruisers

    Hurricane Katrina

    Looks like things are going better than expected, bust still not great. I know the people in the Superdome are really scared. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone. My friends and I are leaving Galveston Monday on the Ectasy. Had a great time on the Glory 2/2005. No storms to deal with that time of year. Will plan around hurricane season from now on. Everyone hold on and protect yourselves and loved one.
  4. nashville cruisers

    S&S Card, 4 People, One Credit Card?

    I have a credit card from Carnival. I bought something in Canada and received a $10.00 foreign fee. I called to see if that would be the case in Mexico while traveling. The young man said he thought so. Something to watch for.