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  1. Homewood Suites. Two minutes from the port. You can wake up and see your ship out the window. Only a few years old I believe so very new and clean.
  2. I am sorry to hear that! We have a beach excursion scheduled for Curacao for our Freedom cruise on the 16th and have not heard anything about it being cancelled yet. Hopefully you can find a similar excursion there or at another port.
  3. That's scary. Stay safe and keep us updated.
  4. Following along! We will be on Freedom in two weeks. Interested in how the embarkation experience is. First time sailing from San Juan.
  5. In addition to the suggestions above, there are often movies outside by the pool at night which are always kid friendly.
  6. Have not done that itinerary but have not experienced/heard of that before. I too would be very uncomfortable with my passport being held for the trip.
  7. I agree that the earliest benefit of C&A is at embarkation. Although it is not a monetary benefit, if it saves you some time standing in line and gets you to enjoying vacation sooner that is good enough for us at Platinum.
  8. My understanding is ships are scheduled for arrival and departure at most ports so it is not really within their control to dock early if they arrive early. I’d assume Cuba has some of port authority that controls this as well. I often watch and listen to the Port Everglades webcam at work and some of the cargo ships can sit off the coast for several days before getting called for their docking time.
  9. It varies widely based on the staff to passenger ratio on any given night. Although we have found that if you order a drink or a bottle of wine from your server on the first night and tip a few dollars, they will almost always remember that the rest of the nights and come to you rather quickly to get your drink order. That has been our experience at least.
  10. Two years ago we did the Paradise Cove excursion and loved it! Seems it has changed slightly though and has also added the "Haitian Village" experience to it. No snorkeling included at the time but if you rent or bring your own gear you can snorkel on your own. Never have really heard of that area being a great snorkeling spot.
  11. Exactly how my wife and I feel when we make the mistake of going somewhere during peak times. It's our mistake, not the ships. Same can be said about people trying to find chairs by the pool at noon on a sea day. Agreed service can vary widely but a little planning on when to visit certain venues can go a long way.
  12. Agreed! Seems like some people treat it as the air conditioned place to go sit next to the window and watch the waves.
  13. Same issue for me. My wife gets all the Royal emails and I do not get any despite being on five Royal cruises. On the other hand, I get daily emails from Celebrity... I have never cruised with Celebrity.
  14. We have never had a problem ordering more than one appetizer, entree, or dessert if needed.
  15. Does rolling also work well for men’s dress clothes and ladies dresses? When we drive to the port we usually take a suitcase and a garment bag but we’re flying this year and don’t want to bring both if we do not have to.
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