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  1. It was a private tour booked by someone in our Cruise Critic group. Looking back at emails, the name "diedericksxmtours" comes up. I did a Google search with that info and found the company in St Maarten. That is all I know!
  2. Bring your own coffee and a French press. Order a pot of hot water from room service then make your own coffee. Pack your French press in your carryon.
  3. Look under Holland America's "Know before you go section" on its website. It highly recommends that your passport is valid for at least 6 months and then outlines the reasons why. I have had friends traveling outside the US who could not enter some countries because their passports were valid for less than 6 months. Do your research! I personally would not travel outside the US with a passport close to expiring. If your trip is coming up soon, you can get your passport renewed through expediation--see your travel agent for more info or look it up on the US passport website.
  4. In the past, once home after the cruise, I had to cancel 2 cruises I had booked on board with a future cruise consultant. Those deposits went into what I called my "Holland America bank"--not a real bank, but HA kept the deposits, and I used them both later for a downpayment on another cruise that I completed with HA through my travel agent. Not the same scenario as yours, but with knowing!
  5. Thank you, but we will be on a different cruise. I have been doing further research and have found some performances in Tokyo (classical dance, erc).
  6. Thanks, Fletcher, for all your info and pictures! I guess my next trip will be to go to Vanuatu and see Bali H'ai!
  7. Thanks so much for your information!
  8. Mtngirl2

    Tokyo taxi

    Before we decided to stay in Yokohama, we were going to take a taxi from Tokyo hotel to Tokyo train station, then train to Yokohama train station, and from there a taxi (3 miles) to the port. That seemed as the least expensive option and doable with our luggage. Then we had a brainstorm and felt it was an easier option to go from Narita on the bus to the hotel in Yokohama (next to train station), and not have to deal with luggage on the train. We are planning one day in Tokyo and two days in Yokohama and environs before cruise. Good luck and hope you find a good alternative for you!
  9. True, but if changing planes in HK, take advantage! If not changing planes and doing a direct flight home, then save HK for another trip!
  10. Host Bonjour, good advice! I always get a little local currency at the airport in the US before I fly out. A good security blanket!! Sometimes flying into a new airport can be confusing with luggage, people everywhere, and trying to find a taxi or the sign for a ride you have prearranged. I figure having a bit of cash beforehand is one less thing to worry about, and the next day I can find an atm and get what I need. Whatever makes you feel comfortable!
  11. I personally enjoy Hong Kong very much! I have traveled all over Asia and lived and worked there, and I find Hong Kong to be a beautiful city on the water. It is different than other Asian cities, with its own character. You could spend at least 2 days there, one day taking the ferries in the harbor, and another day doing an easy city tour. Don't go all that way without experiencing Hong Kong! The dim sum alone is worth the visit!!!
  12. Mtngirl2

    Tokyo taxi

    I am researching this for my own trip this summer and from what I have read, the limousine bus, like Nakita Express, arrives and departs from the Yokohama train station to Narita. The Yokohama train station is about 3 miles from the Osanbashi cruise terminal. We are planning to take a taxi from the Yokohama train station to the cruise terminal. Look up Nakita Express bus on Google and you will find this info. Narita to Yokohama train station is about $40 per person. I have taken this bus before and it is a very comfortable ride.
  13. We will be in Yokohama this summer before a cruise. Are there any cultural shows in the city (traditional dance, puppets, etc) that anyone has attended, or venues that I might look into? Thanks!
  14. Mtngirl2


    I was in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in April 2018. I did a river cruise from Saigon up the Mekong, then Siem Reap, then flew up to Hanoi, then Halong Bay, then to Luang Prang, Laos. It was warm the whole time, especially in the south. You get used to it if you plan wisely. With the river cruise, we were usually out and about early and often back to the boat for lunch, then either cruised or did something later in the afternoon. When on my own, I tried to get out early, find a cool place for lunch, back to the hotel in the heat of the day, then out late afternoon and evening. Wear light, breathable clothing, drink lots of water, mosquito protection, and enjoy! I also kept a paper folding fan in my pack, also one of those little towels that absorb and dry quickly, as well as hand sanitizers, sunscreen, and lysol wipes. If I had access to a freezer, I would freeze a bottle of water at night and use that during the day, to cool off or drink. I've traveled the world over, in tropical heat, and have found to take the pace slowly, drink lots of water, wear a hat with a wide brim, and enjoy the adventure!!!😎
  15. Mtngirl2


    Hello! We will be on a cruise this summer beginning in Yokohama. We would like to spend one day in Tokyo before the cruise. We will be staying in Yokohama and plan to take a train into Tokyo for the day. My other half is 83 and likes to take things slowly, but walks well and loves history. His first time to Asia, but I have worked and lived in Asia and have been to Japan many times, but not that much to Tokyo. What should we do for an enjoyable day in Tokyo?? Would love to hear your ideas! Thanks!!!
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