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  1. We feel the same way. I am also sad that people seem to dress less and less nicely in the dining room on all nights. On formal nights we are in our evening gown and tux. Other nights in the MDR we are dressed just about as nice in a cocktail dress and suit jacket. It's a big part of the experience of cruising for us to dress with glamour and enjoy the opportunity to look nice and feel special. As far as how other people dress impacting my dressing up..... I enjoy seeing other ladies in their lovely gowns and shoes and the gentlemen in their tuxes. It just adds to the experience for me if everyone is elegant and dressy. It just doesn't seem the same if I'm in an evening gown, my handsome husband in his tux, and the table next to us is in frayed jeans and baseball caps. JMHO!
  2. I'm with you! I love to have options, and I love to wear a nice dress at dinner every night and a different formal gown on each formal night. My DH brings a tux and several suit jackets and pants as well. I bring quite the collection of shoes too..... sparkly dressy heels, comfy sandals, workout and running shoes, flip flops ... I think my last cruise I had at least a dozen pairs. Dressing up and with variety is part of the fun of cruising for us!
  3. Coming back to share some photos from our last cruise. We absolutely love dressing up, especially on the formal nights.
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