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  1. I assume we will have 1 formal night on our 3 night cruise on Independence of the seas, when will this be? Thanks
  2. Hi were going on a 3 night cruise on Independence of the seas next week.Only sailed PO. before which we didn't do the formal nights but dressed smart me black trousers and smart top, hubby polo shirt and smart trousers and black shoes. What is acceptable on RC for men ,? can men wear trainers ,any trousers, polo (t shirt with collar) shirts? Or do they need black shoes? Smart troursers,? Thanks
  3. Hi does anyone have a current discount code for ABParking at Southampton please Thanks
  4. Hi were going on Independence of the seas on next Friday were hoping it the weather is nice to use the pool before we sail can we get pool towels added May not have access to our cabins when we first get on? Only sailed with P.O. Before and towels were in cabins do we have pool towels in cabins on RC?, Thanks
  5. Sorry to jump in on this but does anyone know if you can take bottles of Robinson's Squash (what we call it in uk) to add to water to flavour, ? Thanks
  6. Hi were going into Zeeburg for Brugge in a couple of weeks, I don't want to pay the silly price for RC excursion bus. Who is the best to get a bus, we would rather bus than train, there are 9 of us so taxi too expensive. What company do you recommend? Want to make sure these regular buses back to the ship. How does it work you get booking to print out? What happens when you get off the ship? Would you recommend booking in advance of getting tickets when you get there? Thanks
  7. Just one more ? My granddaughter boyfriend is in her cabin with others he was going to have his own card, if he came into mine am I right to assume all 3 of them will be on the same bill so won't be able to split them? See how much each has spent? Thank you
  8. So do you mean each room got a bill for just their expenses that went into your card? So you could all separate what you all spent?
  9. Hi were going on Independence of the seas for 3 nights end Aug , have no onboard spending. If we link our Halifax clarity card to our account and are billed in usd I'm I correct in thinking we would get conversion charges? Also if we are people from another cabin onto our card does the final statement have the cabin numbers on it ? So we can sort who spent what?I Thanks
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