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  1. My son has type 1 diabetes had the AZ 2 weeks ago with no side effects the same as us
  2. My hubby son and myself all had AZ vaccine 2 weeks ago after reading about side effects were waiting to feel unwell all 3 of us had no side effects except a sore arm my other son had AZ he did feel bit unwell slight flu symptom in the evening woke up fine My brother had AZ he was unwell for about 18 hours he did have a bad ear infection and was on strong antibiotics, he thinks that may of caused the reaction . My mum hadAZ no side effects
  3. When will summer 2023 come out we have some fcc which we have to book a cruise by 31st Dec 21 we have 2 cruises already for next year so can't fit another in so would need to be year after Thanks
  4. I usually book a balcony for ourselves and a inside for my adult son, but last year I upgraded his to a balcony because of covid , he has learning disabilities so would not cope with being confined to an inside cabin, I know it's a lot extra especially as a single erson, we're also taking my adult grandchildren who had an inside booked I have upgraded them to balcony as well.
  5. Just an update on my op we have transferred our med cruise in Sept 21 to Spain Portugal 18th April 22 still on Britannia. Had to wait about 20 mins to get through but great service we have 3 cabins one of them was coming up with £100 more obc so she gave us all the extra so instead of £350 as online amount we have £450 not bad for 11 night cruise. Once again great service from P O.
  6. Thank you for all your comments, we are looking at 11 night on Britannia 18th to 29th April 2022 which includes Gibraltar which have wanted to go to. We decided we don't want to cruise this year so have already moved our Fjords cruise on Iona so now need to move our Med one. I think we will go for the Spain Portugal one seems to be warm enough temperatures.
  7. Hi anyone done a Spain Portugal cruise in April ? What's the weather like, ? Looking for a cruise to transfer our Med cruise in Sept to next year looking at Spain and Portugal or Canaries. Thanks
  8. I'Im 64 group 7 went online to see if I could book and yay got appointment for Saturday 27th and second appointment in May Tried for hubby he's 63 wouldn't let me book. I tried for mine 2 days ago and wouldn't let me so happy now, I may try his later in the week .
  9. I was hoping to change my Med cruise 25th Sept 21 which was transferred from being cancelled last year to next year does this mean we can't now? I though any cruise we transferred could be transferred as many times as we wanted
  10. We paid an extra £ 400 for cabin after cancellation used the ffc to cover it
  11. Thanks Thats what I thought, so May start to look to transfer What's the latest (how long before cruise) we can transfer? So if our cruise is Sept how many weeks before just as transfer. Thanks
  12. Our Med cruise was cancelled last May and we got 125% ffc which we used to book a cruise to Med in Sept 21so all paid up, so question is if this gets cancelled would we get 125% or just what it cost. We don't plan to go with restrictions so wondering whether to transfer now or wait and see if it gets cancelled. We would need to put a bit towards a transfer Thanks
  13. We were on Iona end May changed to end Aug thinking about changing it again to next year, spoke to my doctor about something last week got talking when I mentioned going on 2 cruises this year ,he said DONT he would not recommend going on a ship with hundreds of poeple, with covid still around. We don't want all the restrictions so hoping if we changed they will be eased next year.
  14. totally agree a plane of ho!iday makers can walk around towns, beaches, resturants, so what the difference. If we can't get of the ship independently on our Norway cruise end August and Med end September we won't be going
  15. I'm liking the positive attitude, we have 2 cruises Fjords end Aug transferred from May also Med end Sept transferred from last year. I won't go with to many restrictions , some days I feel it may happen then not. We have to just wait and see what happens with the vaccinations everywhere.
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