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  1. Agreed. There is no space for a dedicated lounge, which is why I suggest using the Teen Club when the Teen Club is not in session. And activities require manpower, which is why I suggest that the College Club be unhosted with occasional checks by the crew to make sure nothing crazy is happening.
  2. That's a great idea; unfortunately there were no such meetups on our cruise. Questions: (1) where were these meetups held, (2) were they hosted or unhosted and (3) what activities, if any, did they have at these meetups? At our cruise, the only meetups they had were for LGBT people; these were unhosted and held at a bar. I am effectively suggesting meetups for young adults to be held at the Teen Club when the Teen Club is not in session. This takes advantage of the amenities (video games, foosball, etc) to encourage casual interaction.
  3. Agreed. But I don't think a full-time presence is necessary. All that would be require would be for a crew member to pop in a few times per hour for a minute or two to make sure that nothing crazy is happening. The crew member could even be on their way to other duties. That is what I mean by "minimal" costs.
  4. It would not be any more dangerous than what is happening at every single college in the country, where students who can legally drink fraternize with students who cannot. And whether or not there exists a College Club on the ship, 18-20 year olds are hanging around with 21-22 year olds everywhere on the cruise ship with exactly the same temptations. In fact, it would be safer in the College Club since alcohol would be banned in the College Club. But if this is still thought to be a problem, then the College Club could be restricted to 18-20 year olds.
  5. Thanks for the response. I don't think organized activities will work for that age group. They are young adults so they prefer to pick and choose what to do. What I am thinking of is something one might find in a rec room in any college dorm. Tables, chairs, TV, video games, foosball, air hockey, pool table etc. Unhosted, so people could wander in and out at will and do whatever they choose to do without any pressure to do anything. It turns out that all these amenities are there sitting around unused in the Teen Club when the Teen Club is not in session. All I am suggesting is that they unlock the doors when the Teen Club is not in session. And even if usage is low, I think they should unlock the doors anyway since it's a minimal cost to the cruise ship. But I would think there are at least some college-age cruisers who might want to play some video games or foosball every now and then. And casually socialize with others their age.
  6. When my son was 4 years old, he loved cruising because he loved the kids clubs. As he grew older, he loved the pre-teen club and then the teen club. But he turned 18 and now cannot attend the children's clubs. And he doesn't fit into the bar scene since he is too young to drink. He is in limbo. If you have a child who loves children's clubs, your child will eventually meet this fate too. SO PLEASE HELP DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. On our last cruise, I noticed that the Teen Club is open only during certain hours, e.g. 10a-12n, 2-4p, 6p onwards. I therefore suggest that the Teen Club facilities be open to college-aged people (18-22) whenever the Teen Club is not in session, e.g. 8a-10a, 12n-2p, 4p-6p. We could call it the College Club. The cost to the cruise ship would be very small since the College Club would be unhosted as its members are young adults who do not need supervision. College-aged people would be happy to use the Teen facilities such as video games, TV, table hockey, foosball, etc. Or just hang around with others their age. All the cruise ship needs to do is to set up a few sessions introducing the Teen Club facilities and then let the College Club run itself. The introductory sessions and daily sessions would be advertised in the Daily Schedule of Activities. My son would have loved the College Club and it would have cost the cruise ship very little. I made the above suggestion to the Teen Club staff when I was on our cruise. I also made the same suggestion on the feedback questionnaire at the end of the cruise. I will also send an email to the cruise line with the above suggestion. But I am only one voice and am easily ignored by the cruise bureaucracy. The cruise lines know about this problem but have no incentive to do anything unless they hear from customers. If you have children who like the children's clubs, please add your voice before, during and after your cruise. Because this issue will eventually affect your child too. Please feel free to copy and paste anything I have written.
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