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  1. I always take a picture of the points on the machine with my wife's sea pass in the shot to prove which cruise it is from.
  2. you have very limited options- 1 white board/notes on door or in cabin 2 Voom And Phones(this is really the best option and what we use) 3. Walkie talkies
  3. Except they will not refill your yeti/hydroflask bottle while the machine will
  4. Gotta love the internet. all the information in the world and you don't know how much of it is true half the time.
  5. the machines will not show your previous points- you will start at 0 on the machines for the cruise. those points are still there, hey just wont show on the display
  6. are you 65+? Under 2? compromised immune system? if you answered all as a no then you have VERY Little to worry about, 30,000 people a YEAR die in the US from the Flu-
  7. Worth a shot- Otherwise you could just bury them in a stack at color up.
  8. funny the 6 ,10 and 11 year old's we traveled with loved making up drinks at the bionic bar, If I remember right once they scanned their card it removed the alcohol options.
  9. 1. yes, more expensive 2. $12-$13 for mixed 8 for beer 3. pretty much 4 yes 5 unlikely
  10. all that will tell you is what its selling for that particular day- by the time you actually book the cruise and log into cruise planner it will likely be different.
  11. why on earth would they offer KSF for dates that they have no problems filling berths with kids? it would make 0 business sense to offer KSF during school breaks- lets say you own a bar that is packed to the gills Friday and Saturday but very slow on Sunday and Monday. what nights would you offer discounted drinks?
  12. no cup needed for water on navigator. I would assume other ships as well
  13. well of course the other option is that an area that had (or is about to get) beach beds is under construction and will not be available for the day you are there. would you rather have it canceled or lay next to(or inside of) a construction site all day?
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