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  1. proggieus

    Jaimies At the bluereef Full review-

    there is a grand total of 35 people at Jaimie's on any day our group had our own server who was only responsible for us. Jaimie, the owner stopped by every 45 minutes or so to see how we were doing. the beach food at Jaimie's was literally some of the best food for the entire week, only beaten by the specialty restaurants but most importantly, we were traveling with 2 children who have severe celiac disease, to the point that the parents travel with a tester that will detect gluten.for each test the supplies generally costs more then the meal does, but its the only way her kids can eat out. Jaimie was made aware of the dietary restrictions and made sure that they had options for the children to eat. not only that but the food actually passed the tester, which Is unfortunately is less common then you would think. I am sure Maya Chan is very nice, but I enjoyed my time at Jaimie's and Jaimie himself, he obviously worked very hard to make sure our day with him was as relaxing as possible and I will be giving him my business whenever possible .
  2. proggieus

    Wheat-free (gluten free) bread?

    We travel with a family that has two children with sever celiac disease, They would discuss the dinner options for the next night at dinner and would ask to speak with a chef in the windjammer, both parents were extremely pleased with the options and service for their dietary needs.
  3. proggieus

    Two for One - Help please.

    Simple- two people = twice the number of opportunities to sell you something- two specialty dinners, two beverage packages or people buying drinks. their business model is based on 2 people per room, they can only sell the room for each sailing once- In other words they make less money off of singles so they charge accordingly.
  4. Wrong- If they are flexible with you then why cant they refund me when I need to cancel somebody on a reservation. where does being flexible stop and a policy not being worth the paper its written on begin? Policies are in place to spell out exactly what can and cant be done, everybody knows the rule going in. the last thing they want it for the next guy saying - "I know you bent the rules for michaelthecruiser, so now you need to bend them for me"
  5. Just because you dont understand something doesn't make it untruthful -
  6. proggieus

    Age questions

    you will need to get a notarized letter from the both or the custodial parent giving you permission to leave the country with the minor. you should probably also have medical power of attorney in case medical attention is needed
  7. proggieus

    New Miami Terminal

    Considering they can fill a ship out of Galveston --- I doubt it.
  8. proggieus

    Diet Dr. Pepper

    Actually you answered on RC as a company and not on any specific ship, which as we know was incorrect as some ships do have Dr Pepper.
  9. proggieus

    Diet Dr. Pepper

    not on liberty- Dr pepper everywhere
  10. proggieus

    Voom on RCCL

    Believe me, I wish I could completely disconnect but there is just too much at stake for me to completely disconnect for a week. RCCL has stated that they price the service based on bandwidth, so they don't actually limit the number of people but they will price it accordingly to dissuade people from purchasing it if they are getting close to capacity
  11. If you truly NEED gluten free you do not want to eat anything from the windjammer buffet, assume everything has been cross contaminated. they will prepare gluten free options fresh for you if you ask the serveing staff to talk with a chef.
  12. proggieus

    Jaimies At the bluereef Full review-

    the short cut IS the shops, look through the shops as you walk towards the exit, some will have a door at the back, if you cut through you bypass alot of them
  13. using just your watch without the phone nearby will not work- there is no way to authorize the watch on the network since it does not have a browser- it will try to connect but it will never get authorized. I even tried having my watches MAC address whitelisted by the ships IT department and was told it was not possible, i ended up geting a refund for the voom package i purchased just for the watch.
  14. proggieus

    Jaimies At the bluereef Full review-

    I have only been to Jaimies once so far but with the care he obviously puts into the food i would have no fear of the drinks being off. Jaimies has a cooler of beer and water right next to the sitting areas, if you are concerned you could always just go grab and open your own from there. It seems like such a short sighted scam, save $40 dollars day on your alcohol bill and run your reputation in a week when your victems get back to the internet.
  15. proggieus

    Router/Wifi extender

    This is flat out wrong. More devices = More demand on the network and increased overhead. In fact having it go through a travel router and then to the ship router will likely have more overhead then just having the devices connect to the ships router as not only will You have dropped packets between the travel router and its devices but also between the travlel route and the ships router.