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  1. you are prime for the remainder of the current program year and then the entire next program year. you will receive your prime tier cert in April of the new program year
  2. my current cruise planner shows 4 devices voom/surf and stream at 33.98 total vs the $76 total of the onboard prices
  3. I suspect we are on the same sailing- no data limits and it seems to me that it always cost more once your are on the ship(this applies to pretty much everything)
  4. 1. it wont hurt, but doubt it will really help to be frank. making friends with the pit bosses and dealers would serve you better as they are the ones who actually track your play on the tables 2. really only 1 type of points, the slots will track your points towards tier level through your sea pass card, there is a small cash value to those points that can be cashed in, I want to say maybe $10 per 1000 points, they don't go away once cashed in (they still count towards your tier) but they will no longer show on the machine. table are points are the same but I don't think they ever will show up on the machine. 3.I have never done this, I would be surprised as they have already had a shot at your action for that cruise and the program is really designed to get you back on another cruise. 4. The cruise I made Prime I got zilch, I have never received anything from the casino other then my end of cruise certs and drinks with my prime tier on my card
  5. only restrictions I know of are 8 nights or less and no holidays.
  6. I will be taking the second of three(so far) free cruises I have earned from Club Royal. saved $2200 on one of them, which is significantly more then I spent earning the cruises in the casino- and no, I have not won a jackpot and yes, I do get offers for a free cruise about every other month, with discount offers in between
  7. we have been to Jaimies at the blue reef the last three times we have been to Costa Maya- we love it
  8. there are 2 in windjammer, one on each side
  9. some of our traveling companions are children with celiac, the parents have a little portable gluten tester they take along on the ships. be warned that every gluten free pizza they have tested from Sorento's has failed, including one made by one of the higher up chefs after she showed him her tester and told him that the pizzas were failing.
  10. so then you just want them to give you obc for nothing?
  11. nobody but you is missing the point. how much exactly would it cost for you forget about your friends, family, and home to go clean up a beach so that some self centered ***** j a c k a s s doesn't have to be bothered by some sea grass?
  12. i would bet that they have studied it and I assume that more non smokers will gamble in a smoky casino then smokers will in a smoke free one
  13. I have booked two comped cruises for 3 people and have only paid taxes and port fees however both were booked during KSF and my daughter is only 9.
  14. I was on the sailing that ended on 8/38, we didn't notice any speed issues however there was a strong vibration for pretty much the entire cruise that I have never felt before
  15. I get a mailing pretty much every month with a list of free cruises I could take
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