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  1. Does anyone know the email address for housekeeping? I would like to send a nice letter about one of the ladies we met last week on our cruise. I appreciate your help in advance.
  2. Loving your review. Can't wait to hear about the Splendor premiere cruise. We are taking off on one in a few short weeks
  3. We booked our cruise 2 weeks ago and requested Your time dining and received an email saying it had been granted. The email took about 5 days after booking our cruise
  4. Hands down the wheel of fortune. Won $2,000 on the machine over the holidays. Won lots of other amounts, but this was the largest on that machine. Also, the triple double 7 machine is a good one on the breeze.
  5. I just booked a cruise with the casino rate and was told that we receive $900 from the casino when we board. They base the cash they give you based on your points you earn during play time in the casino.
  6. We received an offer and decided to grab it. Can't wait to experience all the fun events. Hubby will get $900 when we board. We are also purchasing the drink package so we can have drinks outside of the casino without hassle. Enjoy!
  7. We love the Wheel of Fortune and any of the older triple 7 machines. We've hit many times and won big on the wheel and that was with and without the wheel bonus. Last cruise over New Year's we won $2k on the wheel. We've hit $1,000 many times and $1,500 a few times. Some of the older slot machines are fun. If we see one machine not doing well, we move around and just play others randomly. We always do the max bet. Hubby is in the players club and when we go back on our next cruise they are giving him $900 when we board (in the casino). People pick and choose their fun. We love the casino and spend a great deal of time in there. Win some and lose some, but it is all part of the cruise experience for us. Good luck!
  8. We are planning on getting the drink package and I am guessing if the casino is really busy, I'll save a little money, haha :)
  9. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. We did take the "bite" with the $900 offer and factored that into the cost of the cruise. It ended up costing us around $500 per person with taxes for a ocean view room in the summer, so that isn't bad for 8 days, all things considered. Who knows, maybe we will win big. It has happened before a few times :)
  10. Has anyone taken a premiere casino cruise? I have read there are a lot of perks and surprises. Just curious how the premiere cruse was if you went on one and what sort of things can we expect? We were offered a special rate and told that hubby will get $900 onboard in cash from the casino. I know players club members also receive free drinks in the casino and there are private events. Just curious to hear from others that have attended and their thoughts. Thanks in advance
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