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  1. Thats good to know, although I personally don't qualify. They also regularly have a GROUPON20 which gives 20% off which is always worth a try. At the moment, TID (travel insurance direct) also have 15% off via the click frenzy sale.
  2. Deal for insureandgo on today through click frenzy travel. Use code frenzy15 for 15% off policies for next 24 hrs.
  3. I have used both Travel Insurance Direct and InsureAndGo and both are good. Thankfully I have not needed to claim from either one. These days I lean towards InsureAndGo as they have extra cruise-based feature such as cabin confinement and missed port cover.
  4. From memory, the tender trip itself at Bay of Islands was about 15-20 minutes.
  5. If you come across a tough crowd you could always break the ice with "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie". Somebody will normally provide the appropriate response. If not, you might be in NZ or maybe the waiting room of an Audiology clinic. Oh and remember, if you are using the abreviation for New Zealand it's not En Zee, it's pronounced En Zed or if going to the South Island, UnZud.
  6. Then why do they spend their entire term acting like it's still kindy.
  7. Oh now who's being ridiculous?😉 Would that really be enough to get ships under the harbour bridge and other around the world?
  8. I hear they are attacking over the next few days, sending in cold and nasty weather aplenty. And guess what, the Navy at Garden Is is helpless to stop em!
  9. Maybe thats one for Richard B and Virgin Cruises?
  10. Genius, I was still thinking of stunts like the motorbike jumping the row of double decker buses.
  11. Are we back to every passenger grabbing a bucket of water? Each bucket lowers the water level in the harbour and by taking it onboard, lowers the height of the ship in the water. You are brilliant Mr Gut!
  12. OK I apologise - I've gone too far. I didn't consider the spillage factor let alone people giving up their cookies.😊.
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