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  1. I reiterate my earlier advice. Call them now and have them go through your options and deadlines. This will provide the best opportunity to make the best decision for you! Better yet, with the info from your first call at hand, call twice asking exactly the same questions and compare the information. If you get a good answer, be prepared to take advantage as you may not get that same solution again. If you get ambiguous or conflicting advice, call again.
  2. Unfortunately I don't think there will be any cruises out of Oz this year. I am also going through this for Ovation Trans-Pacific in September. My advice is to leave your decision until 31 July (as this keeps open RCCL cruise with confidence options) and think very carefully about paying any more money on this particular cruise. Also depending if you booked direct or via a TA, phone the appropriate agent and confirm final payment date and check if there is any chance of an extension on final payment. While on the phone, discuss options and deadlines for possible lift & shift, penalties re refunds and if you are keen to rebook ,check out similar itineraries in 2021for pricing. My cruise was originally due for final payment 26 June but this was extended to 17 July. Luckily the 2021 TP were released last Friday - so now weighing up L&S or cancel rebook but still waiting as long as possible to see if RCCL cancel which opens up 125% FCC.
  3. There might be some that could be redeployed from the NRL before crowds were allowed back in. Some of those cardboard cut outs of the fans looked rather unruly! If not, I think the fans only paid about $25 to get them made! If that doesn't work, redeploy those mobile speed cameras to do some good for the local community.
  4. Some of us bat well above our average so it's very fortunate love is somewhat visually impaired.
  5. I think Di was very tasteful. Don't think Camilla is to my taste as all.
  6. Viable? Quite possibly assuming Australian crew are willing to accept lower wages supplemented by minimal tips. Practical? Only time will tell. We need to find a way to live with or outlast this disease. Maybe the ANZ communities have common sense required to take the lead on this, "Mexicans" aside! 😉
  7. Not sure if this in the pros or cons in the context of the OP.
  8. Every tragedy needs someone to blame and someone to pay. What is wrong with us?
  9. That's a lot of pluses to have the 3rd terminal in Yarra Bay instead of where Rod's picture is taken.
  10. And vice versa. Usually the vax uses 2 strains from other hemisphere flu season plus another "most likely" strain from this hemisphere prior season. There is even variability of seasonal flu vax between different drug companies. Some of the effectiveness comes down to pure luck - what strains you have in your vaccine and what strains you are exposed to.
  11. That's what I am saying. But if a vaccine is going to be effective, it can only be so with an assumption that one cannot be re-infected.
  12. Maybe 20% unemployment might be enough incentive to take on this work.
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