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  1. So am I right in thinking the Fall (Aussie spring) 2020 Transpacific Itineraries are to be released sometime between now and 0900 AEDST?
  2. Sorry all - been holding my breath waiting for that announcement for the new Sydney cruise terminal and didn't realise there was a rail project happening. Is this the fast train, very fast train, tilt train, ski tube, tram, light rail, scalextric or monorail? Like successive (not successful) Governments, I am very hypoxic!
  3. We found the Spirit tender process very slick as you'd expect for a ship based in Oz year round. But I guess you'd expect that from PO too!Yajele beach in Mare really is worth seeing and despite the whole ship heading there, you can usually get away from the crowds if you want. (Been there on both Spirit and RCCL Explorer of Seas). IMHO Jinek bay Lifou is probably the best snorkelling in the region. The fees are to manage the numbers thus helping preserve the marine environment. Rashies essential as they don't even want sunscreen in the water. If you choose not to snorkel there it is an easy 5 min walk from tender dock and there is a great viewing platform to the right of the beach. You will get ushered away if you try to go onto the beach without you official wristband. Cheers
  4. LOL All the the days are either "fun day at sea" or "fun day ashore" it's a wonder they have come up with a "fun" name for the medical centre! As for FTTF - It's great value if you have a quad as it's per cabin and suite/loyalty perks are non-existant on ye old Carny! Cheers
  5. Yes you will get tender priority for all except Mare but I'll leave it up to you whether you think it's worth it. Notes: Mare is really all about the beach and you will have to book through the ship as all the transport on the island is dedicated for that task. Self tour is possible but locals sometimes get cranky if you wander into the wrong area. At Lifou, by far the best activity is snorkelling at Jinek Bay. If this is what you want to do you will need to book on the ship and book early on your cruise as numbers are limited. There are other great tours that wont be so popular. Self tour is easy if you don't mind lots of walking. At Mystery Island there are some great tours for snorkelling or on the glass bottom boats if that's more your thing. Otherwise you can self tour walk, swim or snorkel. The only other way to get tender priority is via Faster to the Fun (FTTF) for around $100-150. If you have plenty of tender ports and do not intend booking tours via the ship it may be worth it as you also get priority boarding and early access to your stateroom. Cheers
  6. Also I've heard Phernergan helps with both sea sickness and helping children with sleeping![emoji56] Cheers
  7. There is a rail on the Pullman so doing something bizarre to fall out! Maybe get an extra sheet from house keeping and tuck it in under the mattress/lash her down! Cheers
  8. Not taken from a mega zoom camera that one! [emoji1] Cheers
  9. Oh please! Of course there is such a thing as climate change. The climate has been changing for millions of years - not just since recorded history or the industrial revolution or scientists decided there is an issue! We have always had droughts and floods and yes, fires. Please blame the careless and vindictive for most of these fires, not goverments, aerosols or electricty generation. Cheers
  10. Also note that many of the 'ports' in NZ are the sounds where there is actually no docking/tendering and it all takes place on th he same day. Cheers
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