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  1. So if OP daughter "accidentally" misses embarkation in Sydney and "chases" ship to Airlie, could she board?
  2. I had a discussion with a friend the other day: Banzaii: What would it take for you to cruise again? Mate: You will never get me on a cruiseship ever again! Banzaii: Why not, do you not think we will eventually find ways to live with the virus? Mate: It's not that. It's just that when you are on a ship, you are isolated and susceptible to COVID-19 if it comes on board. Banzaii: You've hit the nail on the head! You are isolated! So all we really have to do is make sure it doesn't get on board. Then I heard crickets and could see the cogs turning.
  3. CDC has also placed level 3 restriction on cruising, making it all but impossible to obtain travel insurance.
  4. Keep those windows wound up and eyes on the road. Do not use ye olde cigarette lighter in the car or you might create a hot spot Uncle Les
  5. Wow, must be getting desperate for votes this weekend. My QLD mates say it's a case of "clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right". Not necessarily the way Steelers Wheel meant it!
  6. I, for one, have been trying to see all from RCCL perspective. I am now starting to see some areas where RCCL do not come out looking so shiny. The TPs were only released in late July which is about 2-3 months later than usual. OK, give them the benefit of the doubt - they were making sure these deployments were likely to go ahead. Many people used Lift & Shift to transfer their 2020 TP or TA to these cruises next year. There was little risk in keeping your money tied up for another year as these came with price guarantee. We all understand, keep our money if i
  7. For those of you thinking that a destination port of Brisbane is comparable with Sydney. Luggage Point in Brisbane - home of the new cruise passenger terminal. Luggage Point Not quite the prime location that Sydney OPT offers! 😜
  8. By contrast, I am still out after 100 days with RCCL.
  9. My point exactly. Petitions rarely do it. We need lobbyists and sympathetic politicians willing to back the cause. My biggest problem is despite what most will have us believe, there are plenty of businesses and industries making heaps of money from Covid.
  10. I would like to send a petition calling for an end of COVID 19. How many signatures can I get?
  11. Biker who doesn't mind the occasional zombie thread!😜
  12. I will make 1 point in relation to Luggage Point in Brisbane - home of the new cruise passenger terminal. Luggage Point Not quite the prime location that Sydney OPT offers! 😜
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