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    Queen's Grill questions

    It is my understanding that the Concierge lounge will not be available to passengers during the 2008 Crossing or the 2008 World Cruise. It is said to be available by group reservation only...for special events. There will be a booking charge. I will miss the lounge, as it offered a quiet corner to read, access the internet, speak with other passengers who were also enjoying the full World Cruise, and have a snack in place of a full noon meal...all in one location. The hostess was extremely helpful in planning shore excursions, providing maps, etc.
  2. statesidecruiser

    QE2 2008 World Cruise: Board Room

    It is my understanding that the Board Room will not be available to ANYONE (not even to full World Cruise passengers in the Grill categories) during the 2008 world cruise. Apparently, the one exception will be that it can be reserved and rented for special events by groups of passengers. Can anyone confirm this? If this is true, it will be a great loss to full world cruise Grill passengers. It had excellent internet access and offered invaluable concierge services for those who were paying premium rates.